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Here are our most frequently asked questions to help you quickly get the answers you need!

  1. Which scooter should I buy? 
    We have our very own Find Your Scooter quiz to determine which scooter is best for you or your little one in just 5 questions. All it takes is 30 seconds to complete. Check it out here: https://www.globber.com/find-your-scooter

  2. How do I shop for spare parts? 
    For warranty claims, you can sign in and request your spare part at the link below:

  3. What are the differences between certain of your products?
    We've integrated a simple to use product comparison on each product webpage.
    Alternatively, for more technical comparisons, you can access our product comparison section here: https://www.globber.com/au/compare-scooters

  4. Where can I download an instruction manual for my Globber scooter?

    For kids scooters, you can download all our instruction manuals (GO•UP, PRIMO, ELITE) at the below link.
    3-wheel scooters for kids

    For teens scooters, you can download all our instruction manuals (FLOW, ONE NL) at the below link.
    2-wheel scooters for teens

    For adults scooters, you can download all our instruction manuals (ONE NL, ONE K) at the below link.
    2-wheel scooters for adults

    For our electric scooters for adults, you can download our instruction manual (ONE K E-MOTION) at the below link.
    E-scooter for adults

  5. How can I become a distributor for Globber?
    For all potential partnerships, please email us at contact@globber.com

  6. How can we collaborate together?
    For all collaborations for Australia, please contact: info-au@globber.com. For the rest of the world, please email us at contact@globber.com.