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Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-boys-and-girls-with-80W-hub-motor 0
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-adjustable-T-bar-and-2-speed-modes 1
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-adjustable-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-wide-deck 2
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-boys-and-girls-with-80W-hub-motor 3
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-boys-and-girls-with-dual-braking-system 4
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-boys-and-girls-with-80W-hub-motor thumbnail 0
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-adjustable-T-bar-and-2-speed-modes thumbnail 1
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-adjustable-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-wide-deck thumbnail 2
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-boys-and-girls-with-80W-hub-motor thumbnail 3
Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-award-winning-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-boys-and-girls-with-dual-braking-system thumbnail 4
  • 3-wheel electric scooter for kids aged 6+ with 80W hub motor and 14.4V Lithium battery is a reliable 3-wheel kids electric scooter with 2 speed modes (0-6km/h; 0-8km/h) and a dual-braking system, for safe e-scooter rides. 
  • Easy to ride 3-wheel e-scooter for kids thanks to the wide, anti-slip EVA deck design and user-friendly throttle push button, which is safely mounted on the handlebars, allowing both hands to remain securely on the T-bar while cruising. 
  • Light-up electric scooter for kids with 125mm (40mm wide) battery-free LED front wheels and core flash in a total of 3 colours (1 colour flashes in the core). 

Watch the film to find out more about this 3-wheel electric scooter for kids! 


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A safe 3-wheel electric scooter for kids to ride!  ONE K E-MOTION 4 kids electric scooter is a safe, reliable and fun 3-wheel e-scooter thanks to its premium hub motor integrated in the rear wheel, quality Lithium battery, user-friendly throttle push button and built-in speed modes, for safe e-scooter rides!
It’s an e-scooter designed with kids in mind!
An e-scooter with a quality dual-braking system for extra safe rides! Our 3-wheel kids electric scooter is equipped with our E-ABS braking system and mechanical rear brake, to decrease the stopping distances while ensuring that your child stops safely.
A sturdy 3-wheel adjustable e-scooter for kids that’s designed to last. ONE K E-MOTION 4 electric scooter for kids is a robust e-scooter with a wide composite deck & an anti-slip EVA foam grip tape, which supports up to 50kg. Our electric scooter for kids is also an adjustable scooter with a 3-height T-bar, to not compromise on comfort, durability and product usage!
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Watch the video to find out more about our ONE K E-MOTION 4 3-wheel electric scooter for kids.