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ELITE DELUXE LIGHTS - 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

ELITE DELUXE LIGHTS - 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-Best-3-wheel-light-up-scooter-for-kids-aged-3+-navy-blue 0
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-adjustable-scooter-for-kids-with-light-up-scooter-wheels-navy-blue 1
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-light-up-scooter-for-kids-fold-up-scooter-navy-blue 2
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-kids-with-light-up-scooter-wheels-navy-blue 3
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-foldable-scooter-with-extra-wide-scooter-deck-navy-blue 4
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-Best-3-wheel-light-up-scooter-for-kids-aged-3+-navy-blue thumbnail 0
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-adjustable-scooter-for-kids-with-light-up-scooter-wheels-navy-blue thumbnail 1
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-light-up-scooter-for-kids-fold-up-scooter-navy-blue thumbnail 2
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-kids-with-light-up-scooter-wheels-navy-blue thumbnail 3
Globber-ELITE-DELUXE-LIGHTS-3-wheel-foldable-scooter-with-extra-wide-scooter-deck-navy-blue thumbnail 4
ELITE DELUXE LIGHTS - 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids
  • Patented fold-up scooter for kids aged 3+ has an elliptic folding system to easily put the 3-wheel foldable scooter in trolley mode without removing the T-bar from the deck. 
  • 4-height adjustable scooter for kids up to 9+ comes with our newly designed, dual-colour TPR handlebar grips and anodized T-bar. 
  • Light-up scooter with battery-free LED wheels flash in red, green & blue. Extra-wide deck and rear brake supports up to 50kg.

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Watch the film to find out more about this 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids aged 3+!



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Age range 3 to 9+
Recommended User Height 95cm to 130cm
Max User Weight 50kg
Foldable Yes
Adjustable Yes
T-bar heights 68.5, 73.5, 78. & 83.5cm (from the ground)
Wheels size 80mm rear, 121mm front
Wheels material High-rebound PU casted wheels
Deck material High-quality dual-colour composite deck
Deck size (W x L) W 12.8cm x L 53cm
Brakes Dual-colour composite rear brake
Product weight 2.7kg
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All Globber items purchased are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Wear & tear items, including but not limited to wheels, bearings, grip tape, handlebar grips & 2-wheel rear brakes are excluded from our 2 year warranty. 

Check out ELITE DELUXE LIGHTS' instruction manual for installation and maintenance tips.

It’s a folding scooter.
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Watch the film to find out more about our ELITE 3-wheel fold-up scooter for kids aged 3 to 9+!

It’s a light-up scooter with LED wheels!

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