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Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-stage1-guided-trike_teal 0
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-stage-2-training-trike_teal 1
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-stage-3-balance-bike_teal 2
All-in-one baby tricycle for toddlers aged 18 months+ - Globber EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 3
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-with-2-height-adjustable-parent-handle_teal 4
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-with-patented-wheel-mechanism-transformation_teal 5
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-with-smart-pedal-storage_teal 6
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-stage1-guided-trike_teal thumbnail 0
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-stage-2-training-trike_teal thumbnail 1
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-stage-3-balance-bike_teal thumbnail 2
All-in-one baby tricycle for toddlers aged 18 months+ - Globber EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 thumbnail 3
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-with-2-height-adjustable-parent-handle_teal thumbnail 4
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-with-patented-wheel-mechanism-transformation_teal thumbnail 5
Globber-EXPLORER-TRIKE-3in1-all-in-one-baby-tricycle-and-kids-balance-bike-with-smart-pedal-storage_teal thumbnail 6


  • All-in-one baby tricycle for toddlers aged 18 months+ and balance bike for kids aged 2 to 5 years, for maximum product usage. Toddler tricycle adapts as your child develops with Guided Trike (18-36M), Training Trike (24-36M) and Balance Bike (2-5Y) included. 
  • Patented wheel mechanism easily allows you to turn the toddler trike into a kids balance bike without the need of any tools, for a fast and simple product transformation. 
  • Safe trike and balance bike for boys and girls to ride comes with a 2-height adjustable saddle with soft, anti-slip TPR and curved handlebars with comfortable and durable TPR ergonomic grips. The adjustable parent handle, built-in steering system and front wheel freewheel mode allow you to assist your child to learn how to steer the trike. 

Watch the film to find out more about this toddler tricycle and kids balance bike!

All-in-one baby tricycle & kids balance bike. It’s more than just a trike!
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Watch the film to find out how our EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 transforms from a tricycle to a balance bike for kids! 
Built-in steering system & freewheel mode. Assist your kid’s learning on a trike.
Patented wheel mechanism. Easy to transform into balance bike!
Designed with toddlers in mind. Safe & comfy balance bike!

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