JUNIOR FOLDABLE - 3 Wheel Scooter for Toddlers

JUNIOR FOLDABLE - 3 Wheel Scooter for Toddlers
junior-foldable-3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers 0
3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-aged-2-and-above-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 1
adjustable-3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 2
3-wheel-folding-scooter-for-toddlers-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 3
foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-aged-2-and-above-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 4
3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-with-steering-lock-system-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 5
3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-with-wide-deck-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 6
foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-trolley-mode-compatible-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE 7
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3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-aged-2-and-above-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 1
adjustable-3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 2
3-wheel-folding-scooter-for-toddlers-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 3
foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-aged-2-and-above-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 4
3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-with-steering-lock-system-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 5
3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-with-wide-deck-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 6
foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-trolley-mode-compatible-Globber-JUNIOR-FOLDABLE thumbnail 7
JUNIOR FOLDABLE - 3 Wheel Scooter for Toddlers
  • 3-wheel scooter for toddlers comes with a redesigned 3-height adjustable scooter T-bar (54cm, 61cm, 68cm from the ground) to accommodate smaller kids aged 2+.
  • Foldable 3-wheel scooter for toddlers aged 2 to 6+ is equipped with an easy-to-use and safe, patented folding system with a push button.
  • Wide 3-wheel scooter deck is on a reinforced metal body frame to support up to 50kg and comes with an anti-slip scooter deck design and an extra-large, wide & integrated scooter brake. 
Leeftijdsgroep 2 tot 6+
Min / Max gebruikerslengte 85cm tot 110cm
Max. Gebruikersgewicht 50kg
Opvouwbaar Ja
Verstelbaar Ja
T-bar heights 54, 61 & 68cm (from the ground)
Wielen maat 80 mm, 121 mm
Wielen materiaal Zeer veerkrachtige PU-gegoten wielen
Dekmateriaal Hoogwaardig tweekleurig composietdek
Deck size (W x L) W 12.5cm x L 54.5cm
Brakes Composite rear brake
Productgewicht 2,46 kg
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