Scooter-with-seat-for-toddlers-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 0
Scooter-with-seat-for-toddlers-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 1
3-in-1-scooter-for-toddlers-walking-bike-mode-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 2
3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 3
3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-with-adjustable-T-bar-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 4
foldable-scooters-for-toddlers-with-patterned-deck-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 5
light-up-scooter-for-toddlers-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 6
scooter-with-seat-for-toddlers-with-wide-seat-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS 7
Scooter-with-seat-for-toddlers-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 0
Scooter-with-seat-for-toddlers-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 1
3-in-1-scooter-for-toddlers-walking-bike-mode-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 2
3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-toddlers-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 3
3-wheel-scooter-for-toddlers-with-adjustable-T-bar-Globber-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 4
foldable-scooters-for-toddlers-with-patterned-deck-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 5
light-up-scooter-for-toddlers-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 6
scooter-with-seat-for-toddlers-with-wide-seat-GO-UP-DELUXE-FANTASY-LIGHTS thumbnail 7

• Easy to assemble and transform the scooter with seat for toddlers across all 3 modes—ride-on, walking bike and scooter—thanks to our 100% tool-less toddler scooter. GO•UP DELUXE FANTASY LIGHTS is also a foldable scooter with seat for toddlers, coming with our patented folding system with a push button, for a safe and easy way to fold and store the product when in scooter mode. 

• Toddler scooter comes with a 3-height adjustable seat for ride-on and walking bike mode. The soft, comfortable and extra-wide TPR scooter seat for toddlers is easily adjustable by the tool-less knob on the side, and it moves upwards and backwards simultaneously for added foot space and comfort. GO•UP DELUXE FANTASY LIGHTS toddler scooter with seat is also an adjustable kids’ scooter with a 4-height T-bar. 

• Cool and fun 3-wheel toddler scooter deck patterned designs are available in racing, flower, and tribal scooter prints. GO•UP DELUXE FANTASY LIGHTS is also a light-up scooter with seat for toddlers, coming with, by default, battery-free, light-up scooter front wheels, which flash in red, blue and green. 

Product Type Ride-on, Scooter, Loopfiets
Leeftijdsgroep 15m tot 9+
Min / Max gebruikerslengte 70cm tot 130cm
Max. Gebruikersgewicht 20 kg (rijden / loopfietsmodus), 50 kg (scootermodus)
Opvouwbaar Ja
Verstelbaar Ja
Seat heights 27, 29 & 31cm (from the ground)
T-bar heights 67.5, 72.5, 77.5 & 82.5cm (from the ground)
Wielen maat 80 mm, 121 mm
Wielen materiaal Zeer veerkrachtige PU-gegoten wielen
Dekmateriaal Hoogwaardig bedrukt deck in tweekleurig composietmateriaal
Deck size (W x L) W 12.5cm x L 54.5cm
Brakes Composite rear brake
Productgewicht 3,97 kg
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