Elite: Kids Scooter Helmet

Elite: Kids Scooter Helmet
ELITE-helmets-scooter-helmets-for-kids-in-mold-polycarbonate-outer-shell-blue 0
ELITE-helmets-scooter-helmets-for-kids-with-LED-lights-safe-helmet-for-kids-blue 1
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ELITE-helmets-scooter-helmets-for-kids-with-LED-lights-safe-helmet-for-kids-blue thumbnail 1
ELITE-helmets-best-scooter-helmets-for-kids-with-air-vents-cooling-system-blue thumbnail 2
ELITE-helmets-scooter-helmets-for-kids-with-comfortable-pads-blue thumbnail 3
ELITE-helmets-scooter-helmets-for-kids-with-magnetic-straps thumbnail 4
Elite: Kids Scooter Helmet
  • Resistant ABS helmet shell comes with impact-absorbing EPS foam liner, 7mm sealed foam pads and a chin pad, for excellent protection and comfort. 
  • Cool scooter helmets for kids with a visor & magnetic straps’ design (XS-S; 48-53cm*) are available in different styles; blue racing helmet; red racing helmet; blue llama helmet; 8-ball helmet. Visor is removable. 
  • Safe kids’ scooter helmet has 6 rear battery-powered LED lights, which flash in 3 different modes (on / flash / fast flash) for maximum visibility and extra-safety. Easily adjust the helmet size with the rear knob.  

*Make sure you follow our instructions on how to fit a helmet on your child. 


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