Electric Scooter For Adults Buying Guide

January 6, 2022


When it comes to getting around town quickly, effortlessly and cheaply, electric scooters come out on top. However, picking the right adult electric scooter for you is key, so we’ve provided you some top tips to consider when shopping for a motorized scooter.

What are the most important things to consider when buying an adult electric scooter?

Performance: Range, Power, Speed

How do you intend to use your electric scooter? Will you be commuting from A to B? Are you intending on doing long journeys on the motorized scooter? You’re most likely to find electric scooters offering a range between 15-25km on a single charge, so depending on how you want to use your electric scooter, you can go up or down the scale.

As for speed, you want to get where you’re going, fast. Fast electric scooters reach up to 25km/h but will at times come with different speed modes to best suit your journey. Pay careful attention to the engine, battery & controller on an electric scooter because it influences the accelerating capacity. You won’t be able to maximize the engine’s capacity if the electric scooter has a small battery which cannot deliver.

Safety: Braking, Wheels, Lighting

Are you looking at e-scooters with a handlebar brake? It’s much easier, quicker and more convenient to bring your electric scooter to a halt with a handlebar brake. You’ll need to check the laws in your country of residence on riding motorized scooters to make sure all safety regulations are being respected.

Similar to cars, electric scooters’ wheels are key in delivering performance & safety. Some electric scooters offer polyurethane wheels, while others come with rubber wheels. Rubber wheels are unlikely to puncture and offer shock absorption while riding. What’s important is to check the rubber hardness and rubber percentage on the front & back wheels.

While riding in low-light, you need to be seen. What lighting solutions are the e-scooters offering you? Riding with protective gear is important and strongly advised, but also look out for electric scooters LED headlight and other visibility features.


Convenience: Foldable electric scooters vs non-foldable e-scooters

What happens when you arrive at your destination? What will you do with your e-scooter? There are e-scooters that you can easily fold and carry onto the train, metro or into a lift. If you’re looking at e-scooters, ask yourself how you’ll carry the electric scooter if one day you fall short on juice, or must go down a flight of steps to get to the train platform? Check to see whether the e-scooter is foldable and how easy the mechanism is. For non-foldable e-scooters, it’s a good idea to check the weight of the electric scooter in case you need to carry it!


Facts about our ONE K E-MOTION electric scooter:

User profile
Adults. Supports up to 100kg

Wheel size & material
Rubber wheels
200mm (front) & 152mm (back)

250w (brushless)

36V / 5800 mAh

Max speed


2W LED + back reflector

LCD monitor
Yes (speed mode / battery / speed)

Braking system
Drum brake

Adjustable T-Bar

Yes (Kick & Fold)

Deck structure

E-MOTION electric scooter: electric scooters for adults