Kick scooters are among the best alternative transportation methods to choose from, especially when commuting around the city. Accessible and mobile, kick scooters are perfect in getting you from point A to point B without the need to think about parking spaces or even car traffic headaches— it’s also a good way to adhere to social distancing! To get

How to choose the perfect stunt scooter

Greatly enjoyed by kids, teens and adults who have a passion for freestyle scootering, stunt scooters have quickly gained popularity among the younger generation. From a niche group to one of the fastest-growing communities, freestyle scootering is a sport that is taking over skateparks all over the world. If you’re thinking about getting into the world

Globber best-selling 2-wheel scooters for adults

We are often asked “which scooter is best for me?” and “I’ve seen this product in a different name, is it the same?”, so we want to explain the story behind our brand names to explain how they’ve evolved over the years and how the name can help you choose your scooter!   TEENS FLOW

  When it comes to getting around town quickly, effortlessly and cheaply, electric scooters come out on top. However, picking the right scooter for you is key

These revolutionary Globber helmets for scooters are designed with safety in mind, thanks to the high-visibility reflective print design to be seen in low-light situations and highly-resistant ABS shell with padded foam for maximum protection and comfort. The helmets are available in a selection of colours and sizes to offer scooter helmets for men and