Kyle Henson on Freestyle Scootering: From Discovering the Sport to Owning the Ramps

January 13, 2022

Our young generation is showing us how it’s done in the world of freestyle scootering! Kyle Henson (@ky13jh), a scooter rider from the UK, shares his experiences in the sport from getting his own stunt scooter and learning how to ride to now nailing a whole bag of stunt tricks in the skatepark. Read on about this amazing rider and watch him do some epic stunts on his Globber GS 900 stunt scooter!


What’s on your checklist when choosing the best stunt scooter for you? 

I love to ride a stunt scooter that’s lightweight, and usually look for one with 600mm bars and a stunt scooter deck that’s around 19.8 inches long.


What’s your favourite stunt scooter trick?

I love to do flips on my stunt scooter. I just love the thrill of anticipation that you experience before doing the stunt trick, and then you just go and do it. But on the side of more simple stunt scooter tricks, a favourite of mine would be a bri flip. It’s so easy and you can do them at every skate park!



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How was your experience with the GS 900? What’s the best thing you like about the GS 900 stunt scooter?

I love the way my GS 900 stunt scooter flows and rides – it’s very fast! I especially love the GS 900’s stunt scooter wheels, as they are so nice and smooth.

GS 900 stunt scooter for teens


What made you choose freestyle scootering over other sports?

I used to be a very talented footballer, but unfortunately, I got injured and was out for quite a while. When COVID-19 happened and while we were going through these tough times, I decided to buy a stunt scooter. From then on, I started to really enjoy riding it. As we came out of lockdown, me and my friends would just let the feeling of scooting take us—and now I’m here!


How did freestyle scootering impact your life ever since you started it?

Ever since I’ve started riding a scooter and going to these different skateparks, I’ve met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun. When I ride my scooter, I just forget about everything else that is happening in the world and it’s just me, my mates and the scooter. Sometimes, it can get a little expensive as you will need to buy new parts and pay to go to these indoor skateparks, but it’s all worth it.

Some parents are quite sceptical for their kids to try freestyle scootering because of safety. Coming from a rider such as yourself, what do you want to tell them in this regard?

There’s an extent of danger to be found in the day-to-day activities that we do. However, if you make sure your children are wearing knee pads and a helmet when scooting, injuries will rarely appear!


What advice would you give to other kids who want to try freestyle scootering?

For other kids who want to try freestyle scootering, I say give it your time and effort. Make new friends, make sure you’re having fun, and it will surely be your new favourite sport—hope you enjoy it!

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