[Parent’s Review] Awesome Scooting Fun and Comfort All Rolled into One with Globber’s GO•UP Series

January 7, 2022

Our award-winning GO•UP scooters with seat have always been a go-to favourite for our parents. We’ve got Bridget Jarrad of @midnightmums, a Globber mom, telling us why she and her kids absolutely love their GO•UP COMFORT scooter with seat!

Globber mom Bridget with her kid on a Globber GO UP scooter with seat

Globber: What features do you like most on the Globber GO•UP COMFORT and why?

Bridget: As a mum of three, I am absolutely loving and appreciating having a handle to push on the scooter for my 2-year-old daughter. I have spent many hours carrying scooters over my shoulders in the past for my older two children. Kids love to run off and explore, skip, hop and jump their way along paths, but most importantly they tire easily. Having the luxury of a seat and handle to easily transport your little one while still having fun heading home or going back to the car when they are tired is bloody genius! Thank you!


Globber: What does your child love to do most on their Globber GO•UP COMFORT?

Bridget: My two-year-old daughter loves to be pushed while sitting on her scooter but is quickly gaining confidence and balance to stand up and enjoy the ride like her big brothers do.

Mom and kid enjoying their Globber GO UP Comfort scooter with seat

Globber: Where do you and your child most like to take your Globber GO•UP COMFORT?

Bridget: Most days we love to walk and scoot around our local river. Time is spent juggling between sitting down the Globber GO•UP COMFORT scooter and adjusting the handle to its shortest height so my 2yo can push the scooter along too.


Globber: Would you recommend Globber to your friends? If so, why?

Bridget: Absolutely, yes! Every time we take the Globber GO•UP COMFORT scooter out in public we are stopped and asked about it or complimented on the fantastic comfort design from toddlers/preschoolers. The interchangeable stages growing with your child is a terrific feature.


Globber mom with her kid and their GO UP COMFORT scooter with seat for toddlers

Find out more about our GO•UP COMFORT scooter with seat and discover why Bridget and her kids love their Globber scooter!

GO•UP COMFORT: toddler scooter with seat

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