[Parent’s Review] Family Fun Moments on Globber’s MASTER, ONE K 125 and ONE NL 205 Scooters

October 8, 2021

School runs and sightseeing on a beach trail are more fun if you add scooters to the mix! One of our Globber mums has been having the best time with her kids, thanks to their Globber MASTER 3-wheel kids’ scooter, ONE K 125 teen scooter and ONE NL 205 adult scooter. Catja Em (@catja_em) shares how her kid has gained confidence in riding scooters thanks to MASTER’s patented steering lock function, their daily scoots to school and her walks – or shall we say scoots – with the family pet!

Globber ONE K 2-wheel and 3-wheel scooters for kids

What features do you like most on the Globber MASTER and why?

My son has the MASTER 3-wheel foldable scooter, and the ability to fix the wheels while he was learning to scoot was fantastic! Previously he’d had a go on his sister’s old scooter, but he had no confidence, so wouldn’t persist. On the Globber MASTER, the fixed wheels gave him so much confidence, within minutes he was off! And days later, we didn’t need to fix the wheels anymore.


Where do you and your child most like to take your Globber MASTER?

We love to scoot along the beach trail near our house. We often go for scoots together along the beach trail on weekends. Sometimes I even try to walk our puppy while I’m scooting!


Did your child help select the colour of the Globber MASTER and if so, what did they choose? 

My son chose a red scooter because it’s the same colour as Lightning McQueen, his favourite character from the Cars movie. And red goes faster right?!


You have an adult Globber scooter, what do you love about it? 

My scooter is so comfortable. The deck is nice & wide, allowing for a really comfy ride as I cruise along with the kids. I also love how stylish it is 👌🏻

Globber scooter for adults

Have you had an experience where Globber has helped saved the day? 

Our Globber scooters have saved the day many times!! When we’re running late for school, but I don’t want to drive because the sun is shining, we hop on the scooters instead. That way we get to enjoy the sun without being late for school!!


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