[Parent’s Review] Fun Times on Globber’s Toddler Tricycle!

September 13, 2021

How much do kids enjoy riding on Globber’s toddler tricycle or toddler scooter with seat? Find out more from Genna Wilkinson’s story below!

Globber: Which features of Globber’s toddler tricycle and toddler scooter with seat impressed you the most and why?

Genna: The fact that they are so versatile. The tricycle has a handle so even when they can’t yet reach the pedals, you can take them out for a ride on it. They can steer but you have overall control of steering, so they start understanding steering and feel like they are in control. Also, it changes to an independent tricycle and then a balance bike. It’s excellent! All of this can be done without the use of any tools!


Globber: Do you plan on traveling with Globber’s toddler tricycle and scooter with seat?

Genna: We will probably take the tricycle to France. It’s a great way of being able to go for an adult walk with a toddler. Our little boy is at the age where he is not super keen to go in the buggy, but this tricycle means he feels independent even when we are pushing him. He is safely strapped in and he really enjoys it.

Globber: What do you enjoy the most when traveling/having family time with Globber’s tricycles and scooter with seat?

Genna: Both the tricycle and scooter with seat are great ways of enjoying time together on tarmac walks by the beach or river etc. The children are entertained and feel independent which they love, and as parents it’s both great to see them having fun as well as being able to have a decent walk.

Globber toddler tricycle review


Globber: Would you recommend your friends to choose Globber scooters?

Genna: Yes, definitely. They are easy to use, fun, and the children love them. Financially they make sense as they last several years with their different functions.

Discover the tricycle and scooter with seat that Genna’s kids have been using:

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