[Parent’s Review] Scooting Off into the Sunset with Globber’s PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS

July 28, 2021

Globber mom Isabel Macs of @house.of.cubs and her kids are IN LOVE with their PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS 3-wheel kids’ scooters! Responsibly sourced from FSC-certified forests, our PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS are bringing smiles to Isabel’s adorable little ones as they scoot their hearts out and have tons of fun— with a beautiful sunset in the background. Check out Isabel’s Globber scooter story below:

Globber siblings on PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS 3-wheel scooter for kids

What features do you like most on the Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS and why?

We love the wooden feature of the scooter.  It looks amazing and is as agile as any other scooter.  The lights are also a huge hit with the kids and passersby!


Did your child help select the colour of the Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS? If so, what did they choose?

 Yes. Christian chose his favourite colour, red.


Would you recommend Globber to your friends? If so, why?

Yes! We love Globber’s Primo Foldable Wood Lights scooters. They are great quality and ride so smoothly.


Do you plan on travelling with/have you travelled with your Globber scooter? If so, where?

Our boys brought along their Primo Foldable Wood Lights scooters when we travelled to Australia’s northwest.  It was the perfect way for them to get around exploring!

Kid on Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS wooden scooter

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