[Parent’s Review] The Best Light-Up 3 Wheel Scooter Ride!

June 1, 2021
With our user-friendly scooter features, light-up scooter wheels and stylish wooden deck on PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS 3-wheel scooter for kids, Laura Wilkinson’s son has enjoyed scooting around the neighborhood.
Find out more about the scooting experience from Laura’s story below!


Globber: Which features of Globber’s 3-wheel scooter impressed you the most and why?

Laura: The light-up wheels. My son absolutely loves that feature. It blew his tiny mind. The steering and overall quality is much better than a previous scooter he owned. The old scooter was so stiff and hard to use that he gave up with it.


Globber: Do you plan on traveling with Globber’s scooters for kids?

Laura: Yes, we take it out on family walks often. It helps to increase the pace of the walk and stops my son from moaning so much. We plan to take it to France with us in the summer so he can get around the campsite quickly whilst having fun.


Globber: Can you describe an event during your travels where Globber scooters helped to save the day?

Laura: On walks back from town, my son would often complain of being too tired to walk. Resulting in me carrying him on my back whilst also pushing my daughter in the buggy. We recently went into town on his scooter and he happily scooted the whole way home.


Globber: Would you recommend your friends to choose Globber scooters? If yes, can you share your reasons?

Laura: Yes, definitely. Not only are they much easier to use than his previous scooter, they also look amazing. I love the wooden design.


Discover the scooter that Laura’s son has been using:
PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS: 3-wheel foldable light-up scooter for kids


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