[Parent’s Review] The #GlobberTribe Kid Crew on Globber’s FLOW 125 LIGHTS Scooters

June 24, 2021

Friends (and siblings) who scoot together, stay besties forever! Spotted in a town from Down Under: the cutest kid crew sporting their FLOW scooters on a beautiful scooting day out. Janelle Spies of @mylittlejoy_ recounts why she loves her Globber Scooters (GO•UP SPORTY & FLOW 125 LIGHTS) and shares some cute snaps of her kids and their friends enjoying a riverside scooter ride on Globber:

Kids on Globber FLOW FOLDABLE 125 LIGHTS 2-wheel scooters for kids

Globber: What features do you like most on the Globber GO•UP SPORTY & FLOW 125 LIGHTS and why?

Janelle: We love the easy adjustable handles, and they LOVE the light up wheels 😜


Globber: What does your child love to do most on their Globber scooter?

Janelle: My kids love to race each other and ride with their cousins!


Globber: Where do you and your child most like to take your Globber GO•UP SPORTY & FLOW 125 LIGHTS scooters?

Janelle: We love the river rides – up and down the river path while mummy exercises (or drinks coffee 😜)


Globber: Would you recommend Globber to your friends? If so, why?

Janelle: Absolutely! Scooters are so easy to take on the go and the Globbers are by far the best quality we have found!


Globber: Have you had an experience where Globber has helped saved the day?

Janelle: I honestly take them anywhere I know the kids have to walk a distance, and it saves us! Baby in the pram – kids on the scooters!

Globber kid crew with their FLOW series 2-wheel scooters for kids



















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