Globber – The story behind our best-selling ADULT scooters!

We are often asked “which scooter is best for me?” and “I’ve seen this product in a different name, is it the same?”, so we want to explain the story behind our brand names to explain how they’ve evolved over the years and how the name can help you choose your scooter!




FLOW series


FLOW scooters for teens were designed to help children transition from a 3-wheel scooter to a 2-wheel scooter.

Our FLOW series’ 2-wheel scooters are made from premium materials (aluminium structure, TPR handlebar grips & PU casted wheels) and come with an adjustable T-bar and EVA foam grip tape deck, so kids can comfortably scooter from 6+ into their teens.

Discover our FLOW Series: 2-wheel scooters for kids and teens


ONE NL 125 series


ONE NL 125 & 125 DELUXE are our premium foldable scooters for teens. A simple lift of the clamp on the pole is all it takes to fold the scooter or put it in self-standing mode—no kickstand required; making it the perfect go-to scooter for 8+ to adult.


Discover our ONE NL Series: Foldable scooters for all







ONE NL 205, 205 DELUXE & 230 ULTIMATE are folding scooters for adults. However, if you prefer smaller wheels, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up our ONE NL 125 scooters. All ONE NL foldable scooters support up to 100kg; come with an adjustable T-bar & comfortable EVA or TPR grip tape deck, and of course, our revolutionary, patented 1’’ folding system.





Discover our ONE NL Series: 2-wheel foldable scooters for adults



ONE K series


For those in need of a reliable & convenient city alternative, our ONE K series kick foldable scooters are your perfect go-to solution.  Thanks to its patented folding system, a gentle kick will fold our ONE K scooters in just 1 second!

Discover our ONE K Series: Foldable scooters for adults





Our ONE K E-MOTION is our electric scooter for adults! With its distinctive modern design, and top of the range technical SPEC (250w brushless motorized scooter reaching 25km/h max speed, scooter with handbrake, rubber wheels & Lithium battery), ONE K E-MOTION is all about speed & enjoying a smooth ride wherever you’re heading!


Discover our ONE K E-Motion: e-scooters for adults


Here’s a recap of our old and new naming…


2018 product name Products old naming
Flow My Too Fix, My Too Fix Up
ONE K Active My Too 18.0
Even though our products names have evolved & changed along the years, you’ll still be able to find common specifications on our Globber scooters.


Want to learn more about our kids’ range? Find out more below!

Globber – The story behind our best-selling KIDS’ scooters!