[Interview @kidslovetraveling] Cozy Family Trip on Globber!

January 4, 2022

Traveling with kids can be challenging, but Vesna (@kidslovetraveling) has made a smart choice to make it easier & more fun. She has been traveling around with her kids on Globber’s scooter with seat, GO•UP COMFORT LIGHTS, 3-wheel scooter for kids, PRIMO FANTASY LIGHTS & foldable scooter for adults, ONE NL 205 DELUXE!

How does it feel to travel on Globber’s 3-wheel kids’ scooters and 2-wheel adult scooter? Find out more about her unique journey below!

Globber: What do you enjoy the most when traveling/having family time on Globber scooters?
Vesna: We enjoy their practicality the most. They are easy to travel with. It takes only a couple of seconds to assemble the T-bar and wheels to start scooting.

Globber: What features of Globber scooters impressed you the most?
Vesna: They’re so easy to use. They weight so little. They are the most compatible scooters we’ve ever had. They fit in the trunk easily. We can assemble Globber’s scooters in a second. They’re really amazing.

Globber: Can you describe an event during your travels where Globber scooters helped to save the day?
Vesna: It was a beautiful sunny day and a great time for exploring a town nearby, but there was the worst traffic jam I’ve ever seen. The scooters were in the trunk, and I parked the car nearby, then we started to scoot to the destination. It was a really great experience because we avoided the jam and have enough time to explore and relax.

Globber: Would you recommend Globber scooters to your friends?
Vesna: Yes, of course! With huge pleasure, because they’re really the best scooter we’ve ever had. They’re the best scooters for city scooting and the best scooter to travel with.

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Discover the scooters that Vesna & her kids have been using:

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