PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS: Sustainable Urban Mobility for Kids

January 4, 2022

We constantly rethink the materials we use for our scooters to achieve longevity, and as we move forward to a new tomorrow, we’re determined to challenge the status quo and offer more sustainable products in the scooter market.

We’re making our mark in sustainable urban mobility by doing what we do best: innovation and reinventing generations-old conventions when it comes to designing and manufacturing scooters. We are championing a more sustainable world on wheels with PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS wooden scooter for toddlers!

Globber’s Wooden Scooter for Toddlers – PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS



PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS is our latest 3-wheel wooden scooter for toddlers aged 3-7Y+ to add to our award-winning PRIMO series. We’ve pushed the boundaries of scooter manufacturing by designing PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS with a wooden scooter deck, made from 100% sustainable FSC-certified wood!

Similar to our 3-wheel scooters in the PRIMO Series range, PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS wooden scooter for toddlers is a safe, feature-rich scooter packed with our signature features and patented systems to help your toddler gain confidence and learn how to scoot!

Key Features

PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS with FSC-certified 7-ply wooden scooter deck

PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS’ robust scooter deck, which supports up to 50kg, is composed of a sustainable 7-ply FSC-certified wooden deck, with laser-engraved sides and dual-colour, anti-slip grip tape for extra grip while scooting. Our wooden scooter for toddlers comes with our patented steering lock system, which enables you to keep the wooden scooter’s two front wheels in a fixed front-and-back movement, allowing your toddler to comfortably learn balancing skills. PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS wooden scooter for toddlers is also equipped with our patented folding system with a push button, to easily transport and conveniently store the wooden scooter for toddlers.

Our wooden scooter for toddlers delivers a safe and comfortable ride, with its extra-long composite rear brake and 3-height adjustable aluminium scooter T-bar, providing not only comfy scooter rides, but also maximum product usage as our wooden scooter grows with your toddler!

Playtime on wheels is now even more sustainable and fun, with our PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS wooden scooters for toddlers available in five bright & colourful designs! Light up your path with glowtastic rides too, with our wooden scooters’ battery-free, light-up wheels that flash in red, green and blue! Our wooden scooter for toddlers is also an award-winning Globber scooter, recognised as the Best Scooter & Bike Design by Junior Magazine Design Awards and the Top Holiday Toys 2020 Winner by The Toy Insider.


What is FSC-certified wood?

Globber's PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS made of FSC-certified wood

FSC-certified wood, like PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS’ sustainable wooden scooter deck, is wood sourced from responsibly managed forests recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC-certified forests provide environmental, social and economic benefits such as, keeping our forests alive for future generations and ensuring consumers and retailers that their wood, paper and other forest products are produced with materials that were sustainably harvested1.

Wood is a versatile, long-lasting material, and designing PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS with a sustainable FSC-certified wooden scooter deck means this wooden scooter for toddlers is a durable ride perfect for your growing toddler!


What is Sustainable Urban Mobility?


Sustainable Urban Mobility - Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTSSustainable Urban Mobility aims to create a safe, accessible urban environment where citizens, including kids & teens of all ages, can reach destinations with reasonable effort2 through walking, cycling or scooting.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development anticipates that 60% of the global population will live in cities by 2030 and will rise to 75% by 20503. As a solution to accommodate urban cities’ growing population and further reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases caused by urban transport, our world cities have spearheaded their own sustainable urban mobility plans. According to the United Nations Habitat Report, combining public transportation and support of non-motorised transport (such as scooting) can help reduce car usage for short trips, which make up the largest share of journeys in urban areas4.



Family on Globber scooters for sustainable urban mobility

As cities around the world start to shift towards sustainable urban mobility at a regional and local level, households are also starting to follow suit. Add urban mobility to your family’s sustainable practices by choosing to scoot to destinations around your neighbourhood instead of driving!

PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS wooden scooter for toddlers is an effective urban mobility solution that can help families reduce their overall carbon footprint. With our sustainable wooden scooter for toddlers, your child can scoot to playdates, the park or even to school! And best of all, PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS is not only sustainable, it’s also a fun light-up scooter that toddlers will surely enjoy during playtime!


Go sustainable with our PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS 3-wheel wooden scooter for toddlers! Together with our global cities, let’s help shape a more sustainable world for tomorrow’s generation, so they too can enjoy a healthy planet and continue to explore the outdoors on wheels in the years to come!