People to See, Places to Scoot: 5 Exciting Things to Do with Your Scooter During the Summer Holiday

April 11, 2022
Summer scooting with Globber for summer break

What do you do when you’ve got more hours in a day and a bright, sunny season ahead? Fill your days with scooting playdates with Globber, of course! The summer holiday is here, and we have the ultimate summer scooting fun guide you’ll ever need– check out our must-dos and endless fun activities you can scoot to this summer break!


1. Scooting out for ice cream with the family



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Two words that will totally cool your hot summer days: ICE CREAM. And while you’re at it, why not enjoy the scenic route to the ice cream shop with your scooters? If you’re on the hunt for kids’ scooters or adult scooters for the family, Globber has a wide selection of 3-wheel and 2-wheel scooters perfect for each family member. Take your pick from our different scooter models that come in cool, vibrant colours and enjoy more trips to the ice cream shop (or to anywhere, really) under the perfect summer weather!


 2. “Race Ya!” Scooter Game

“Race Ya” is the ultimate outdoor summer holiday activity for your kids. It’s the scooting edition of our well-loved “Race you to the finish line!” game— draw a line on the concrete using chalk and use this as your marker for the “start” and “finish” line. Once done, scoot on around the block or driveway for some heated scooter racing and enjoy the rest of the afternoon keeping score!


Best to do it with: a Globber 3-wheel scooter

Globber 3-wheel scooters for kids

Our 3-wheel scooters for kids are perfect for “Race Ya!” games as well as for scooting around the block with friends during the summer break! Check out our award-winning scooters such as the PRIMO Series, ELITE Series, MASTER Series and ULTIMUM Series. If it’s a scooter race between little toddlers, we’ve got you covered too— our JUNIOR Series 3-wheel scooters for toddlers are specially made for little ones as young as 2 years old!


 3. Freestyle Scootering at Skate Parks

How about a fun, flippin’ good time at the skate park? Summer break is the perfect time to get on your stunt scooter and learn those flips and tricks. Master your freestyle scootering skills with your friends and shred the ramps with your tailwhips, bunny hops and barspins!


Best to do it with: a GS stunt scooter

GS stunt scooters for kids, teens and adults

Perfect your scooter tricks during the summer break and try your hand at freestyle scootering or further your skills in the sport with our GS stunt scooters! We’ve recently launched our best stunt scooters, packed with high-quality components and cool stunt scooter designs fit for a pro rider. Our GS stunt scooter series has a range of stunt scooters for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders as young as 6 years old to adults!


4. Red Light Green Light, with a scooting twist

How about a classic game of “Red Light, Green Light”, but with your scooters? All players should be at the far end of the room/play area, and the “traffic light” or “it” should be on the other end. When the designated “traffic light” calls “Green Light”, other players should scoot towards him/her until he/she spins around and calls “Red Light”, in which everyone stops on their scooters! Like our “Race Ya!” game, we recommend 3-wheel scooters for this fun summer holiday activity, too!


5. Obstacle Course

Crank up the difficulty level of scooter games by setting up an obstacle race course perfect for groups of friends and scooting playdates during the summer holiday! Set up book stacks, cones and chairs to create a make-shift obstacle scooter course indoors that will surely keep all the kids occupied for the afternoon while lockdowns are still in place. You can also take the fun to the street, driveway or backyard for an extra whiff of fresh air!


Best to do it with: a FLOW FOLDABLE 125 or NL 205 / NL 205 DELUXE 2-wheel Scooter

Globber 2-wheel scooters for kids and teens

Our FLOW or NL 2-wheel scooters for kids are the perfect Globber scooters to weave in and out of the obstacle course! FLOW Series is our 2-wheel scooter for kids with a robust triple-deck structure designed to last. Our NL Series, on the other hand, is our latest big wheel scooter for kids with 205mm wheels and built-in front suspension, for maximum shock absorption and smooth & comfy rides– make sure to check out our full collection of big wheel scooters!


But if indoors is still your only option due to the pandemic, don’t worry – all the summer holiday activities mentioned can be done in the comforts of your home! Set up chairs or stools in the kitchen for an obstacle course (hide the breakables, mum!), play “Red Light, Green Light” in the living room, use yarn to mark the start/finish line to “Race Ya!”, or even scoot to your fridge for some frozen treats. If you’re out and about, you can also enjoy the warm summer breaks in the park, have scooting playdates, scoot to your awesome summer job or simply hang out with friends and scoot around the block!

Spend your summer holidays doing all the scooting fun activities with our other recommended Globber scooters for all ages!


For Toddlers: Explorer Trike Series, GO UP Series, JUNIOR Series

3-wheel scooter, scooter with seat and tricycle for toddlers


For Kids: PRIMO Series, MASTER Series, FLOW Series

Globber 3-wheel and 2-wheel scooters for kids


For Big Kids: NL Series 

NL Series big wheel scooters for kids


For Kids & Teens: ONE K E-MOTION Series, ONE NL Series

ONE K E-MOTION electric scooter and ONE NL 205 DELUXE 2-wheel scooter