What are the differences between ELITE & PRIMO?

First, it’s important to know the following about ELITE & PRIMO PLUS 3-wheel scooters:


They are 4-height adjustable scooters with an easy-to-use clamp to adjust the height.

Both have our patented steering lock button which keeps the scooter moving in a straight line to teach balance. You just have to unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer mode!

50kg is the maximum weight for both 3-wheel scooters.

Light-up scooters are available in both models with our battery-free front wheels which flash in red, blue, and green.

The differences are:


ELITE 3-wheel scooters are foldable thanks to our patented elliptic folding system. Just one press of a button folds the T-bar down to the deck. PRIMO 3-wheel scooters aren’t foldable, but you can remove the T-bar.

ELITE scooters come with a wider deck and rear brake to more easily place 2 feet on the deck, and facilitate braking.

PRIMO PLUS 3-wheel scooters have a lower deck than ELITE scooters for extra stability while learning to scoot.

ELITE LIGHTS scooters have additional light-up scooter rides available. Pick our light-up scooter deck with our vibration sensor at the front. It flashes while going over uneven paths.

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