Which Scooter Is Best For My 5 Year Old Kid?

June 7, 2021
Globber's PRIMO 3-wheel scooters for kids are safe scooters for kids to start scooting thanks to Globber's patented steering lock button. Easily lock the steering of the front wheels to quickly learn to balance! All Globber's PRIMO 3-wheel kids scooters offer ight-up scooter wheels, which are battery-free!

Pick ELITE for foldable scooters for kids!

ELITE and ELITE LIGHTS 3-wheel scooters for kids come with our patented elliptic folding system to easily fold the scooter with a simple press of a button, to transport or store the scooter after playtime.

ELITE 3-wheel scooters come with our widest scooter deck and rear brake, so your child can easily place both feet on the deck and more comfortably brake. ELITE and ELITE LIGHTS are our 4-height adjustable scooters for kids up to 9+.

Our ELITE LIGHTS is the exact same product, but comes with light-up wheels and / or light-up deck (different options available).

Foldable scooter for kids

Pick PRIMO for first timers. 


All PRIMO 3-wheel scooters for kids offer the fundamental features to help children learn to scoot. All PRIMO scooters come with our patented steering lock button which prevents the front wheels from turning left and right for easy learning.

PRIMO scooters also have an extra-low deck, lower than our ELITE 3-wheel scooters to provide better stability for first timers.

Fear not, you can still enjoy a fun light-up scooter experience thanks to PRIMO, PRIMO FANTASY & PRIMO PLUS all offering a scooter with light-up wheels. The front wheels are battery-free thanks to our dynamo lighting integrated into the wheels’ core, and flash in red, blue, and green while scootering.

PRIMO PLUS is a 4-height adjustable scooter and all other PRIMO scooters have 3-height adjustable scooters to still adapt to your child’s development.

3-wheel scooter for kids

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