Best Electric Scooters for Kids: 5 Important Factors to Consider

January 13, 2022
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Going electric is a great option for your kid, as electric scooters are terrific for commuting and getting around the neighbourhood. Electric scooters create awesome and very fun scooting days out!

There are a number of essential points you should take into account when purchasing the best kids’ electric scooter— the electric scooter should be designed with quality components & smart features, equipped with a powerful motor, and above all, safe for kids to ride. Here are five important things to consider when purchasing the best kids’ electric scooter for your child.


  1. The Power of the Electric Scooter

The power of the scooter - best kids' electric scooter motor hub

Ultimately, a good kids’ electric scooter should have the capacity to take kids to their destination and have enough motor power for hours of electric scooting fun! Kids’ electric scooters should have a hub motor power of at least 80-150 watts in order to deliver a safe, efficient electric scooter ride that can help you get around easier. An average of 8-8.5 km on a kids’ electric scooter is also a great range for a fun electric scooter ride experience, perfect for play dates and sunny days out!

Some electric scooters have speed modes available, which is very helpful in conserving battery and allowing you to travel further distances in one charging cycle. The speed modes are also set at levels where it’s safe for kids to ride at such speeds. Ensuring your kids’ electric scooters are equipped with high-quality batteries are also key— most quality electric scooters use Lithium ion-based battery packs, as this type of battery has higher energy density, longevity and low self-discharge rate compared to other batteries; Lithium batteries are also easily rechargeable!


  1. The Design

The Design - kids electric scooter throttle mechanisms

Having a kids’ electric scooter with seamlessly designed features is also an important factor to consider, as it contributes to a smooth electric scooter ride for your kid. The best kids’ electric scooter should be both user- and kid-friendly, with easy access to the e-scooter’s main features such as, the accelerator throttle/sensor and power button. Adjustability is also essential and should be integrated into the kids’ electric scooter design because kids grow fast! You will also benefit from kids’ electric scooters with adjustable T-bars, as adjustable kids’ electric scooters offer a comfortable fit for your child and allows more years of product usage.


  1. Safety

Safety - Kids electric scooter brake system

Safety is of the utmost importance when selecting an electric scooter for your kid. When choosing the best kids’ electric scooter, always take note of the braking systems available and the materials used on electric scooter decks.

Electric scooters mainly have two main brake types: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical brakes use physical mechanisms, such as disc, drum and foot brakes, to decelerate the electric scooter’s speed. Electronic brakes are usually activated by a button or a switch that cuts off the motor power in order to stop the electric scooter. The best kids’ electric scooters provide both brake types in the form of a dual-braking system, which is very beneficial for safety purposes.

Aside from the braking system, kids’ electric scooters should also have a scooter deck that is durable, safe and comfortable for your child. Ideally, decks should have a low reinforced structure lined with materials that create more grip and comfort such as anti-slip EVA foams, to help your kid remain comfy while riding on the electric scooter.

It’s also extra safe for kids to have easy access to the electric scooters’ accelerator while scooting. A well-designed kids’ electric scooter has the accelerator throttle/sensor strategically secured in areas where kids won’t have to take their hands off the T-bar while cruising in order to accelerate.


  1. The Wheels and Tires

The Wheels and Tires - kids' electric scooter PU casted wheels

When cruising around neighbourhoods or towns, electric scooter wheels that are between 125mm to 140mm big are the recommended size, as it gives you enough agility and control. PU casted wheels and rubber tyres are some of the most durable, high-quality materials used for electric scooter wheels. Rubber tyres also help with shock absorption and deliver puncture-free electric scooter rides against different types of pavements and roads with rough surface quality.


  1. Rider Suitability

Rider Suitability - Height adjustable kids' electric scooter

Your kid’s weight and height need to be taken into consideration when buying the best kids’ electric scooter for your child. It’s important to check that your electric scooter has a T-bar with the appropriate height for your kid, as well as weight support. Another factor to consider is your child’s motor skills and how well your child is able to balance on electric scooters.


Globber’s Best Electric Scooters for Kids


Globber's Best Electric Scooters for Kids - ONE K E-MOTION 4 and ONE K E-MOTION 10

If you’re looking for safe, high-quality electric scooters that will perfectly suit your kid, check out ONE K E-MOTION 4 and ONE K E-MOTION 10— they’re some of Globber’s best kids’ electric scooters!

ONE K E-MOTION 4 and ONE K E-MOTION 10 both have uncompromising, quality components, a powerful motor hub and smart features that are especially designed for kids, making these electric scooters a great purchase for your child! Our kids’ electric scooters are award-winning Globber scooters, having both won the National Parenting Product Awards under the Outdoor Fun category and ONE K E-MOTION 4 won an additional Tillywig Toy & Media Award under the Toys & Games category.


Key Features

Best Electric Scooters for Kids - ONE K E-MOTION 4 and ONE K E-MOTION 10 powerful hub motors

ONE K E-MOTION 4 is our 3-wheel kids’ electric scooter most suitable for beginner riders, made for kids as young as 6 years old*, and ONE K E-MOTION 10 is our 2-wheel electric scooter for kids aged 8-14Y! Both kids’ electric scooters are equipped with a powerful brushless hub motor (ONE K E-MOTION 4 has an 80W motor; ONE K E-MOTION 10 has 150W), a high-quality 2.6Ah** Lithium battery and a robust scooter deck that supports up to 50kg.

*8+ for the US market.
**2.0Ah Lithium battery for US market.

ONE K E-MOTION 4 kids' electric scooter with accelerator throttle and ONE K E-MOTION 10 electric scooter for kids' accelerator sensor

Accelerating is made safe and easy, thanks to our user-friendly design. ONE K E-MOTION 4 has a push-button throttle secured on the handlebars, while ONE K E-MOTION 10 is equipped with a smart accelerator sensor at the front of the deck that intuitively aids speeds control. Slowing down is also as effortless as cruising— both electric scooters come with a dual-braking system composed of an electronic E-ABS and rear mechanical brake.

Globber ONE K E-MOTION 4 and ONE K E-MOTION 10 electric scooters for kids dual-braking system


Best Electric Scooters for Kids

ONE K E-MOTION 4 best 3-wheel electric scooter for kids key featuresONE K E-MOTION 10 best electric scooter for kids key features

Specifications ONE K E-MOTION 4 ONE K E-MOTION 10
Motor Power & Accelerator 80W brushless hub motor integrated in the rear wheel’s core
User-friendly throttle button on the T-bar
150W brushless motor integrated in the wheel’s core (40mm wide)
Smart accelerator sensor integrated on the deck
Battery 4 cells; 14.4V, 2.6Ah* Lithium battery*2Ah for the US. 6 cells; 21.6V, 2.6Ah* Lithium batteryIncludes a Battery gauge on the deck (3 LEDs)

*2Ah for the US.

Max Speed* Built-in speed mode settings:
Mode 1: 0-6 km/h
Mode 2: 0-10 km/h**** 0-8 km/h for Australia.
12 km/h
Range* 8.5 km**7 km for the US. 8 km**6 km for the US.
Deck Low reinforced structure with a wide, anti-slip EVA foam grip tape in the middle of the composite deck Robust, long and extra-wide aluminium reinforced structure with a kickstandAnti-slip, dual-colour composite deck with soft, comfortable EVA foam in the middle and grip tape on the sides

High-reflective print design on both sides of the deck

Adjustable T-bar 3-height adjustable, super-wide aluminium T-barComfortable, dual-colour TPR ergonomic grips 2-height adjustable wide, curved anodized aluminium T-barComfortable, dual-colour TPR ergonomic grips
Brakes Dual-brake system:
E-ABS and mechanical rear brake
Dual-brake system:
E-ABS and rear mechanical brake with brake lights
Wheels 3-wheel electric scooter for kids

Two battery-free LED light-up, high-quality and high-rebound 125mm (5”) front PU casted wheels that flash in red, green and blue; 1 colour flashes in the core (40mm wide)

90mm (3.5”) PU casted rear wheel (50mm wide)

2-wheel electric scooter for kids

140mm (5.5”) front PU casted wheel with composite core (30mm wide)

100% rubber 128mm (5”) rear tyre for shock absorption on uneven surfaces & puncture-free rides (40mm wide)

Charging Time 4 hours (100% charged) 3-4 hours (100% charged)
Age & Weight Range 6*-14Y, max. 50kg*8+ for the US market. 8-14Y, max. 50kg

*Depending on the user’s weight.


Go electric with Globber’s best kids’ electric scooters and enjoy fun scooting days with our award-winning ONE K E-MOTION 4 and ONE K E-MOTION 10 electric scooters, built for kids eager to explore the world on wheels, electric-style!