FLOW 125 vs ONE NL 125—Which One To Buy?

FLOW 125 & ONE NL 125 2-wheel scooters for teens can be used from 6+ & 8+ respectively, but let’s find out what they have to offer to make sure you get the right one for your not-so-little child!



Choose FLOW 125 for a first 2-wheel experience!


Our new FLOW 125 is the perfect pick for young kids wanting to transition to their first 2-wheel scooter. Thanks to its super wide, curved handlebar, it is both comfortable & easy to maneuver! What’s more, its 4-height, extra-wide 33mm adjustable T-bar with a double lower clamp makes it a fantastic purchase for parents looking for a long-lasting and robust scooter for their child.


FLOW 125 2-wheel scooters come in 5 different colours and a light-up scooter version is also available. Our FLOW 125 LIGHTS 2-wheel scooters have light-up scooter wheels which flash in green, blue and red for a GLOW-TASTIC ride!


Discover our FLOW 125: 2-wheel scooters for kids and teens



Pick ONE NL 125 for convenient mobility!


ONE NL 125 scooter for teens comes with our patented, 1 second folding system. A simple lift of the clamp on the pole is all it takes to fold the scooter, or put it in self-standing mode— no kickstand required!


Thanks to our revolutionary mechanism, our ONE NL 125 2-wheel scooter can easily be stored and/or carried in trolley mode. What’s more, its wide, 3-height adjustable and curved handlebar will ensure smooth & comfortable rides.


Our ONE NL 125 DELUXE  offers additional, great features, such as, a handlebar brake & bell and a high-reflective pole design, to offer more safety while scootering in crowded or low-light environments.

Discover our ONE NL 125 series: 2-wheel scooters for teens

Did you know?


Both FLOW 125 and ONE NL 125 2-wheel scooters come with a distinctive feature unique to Globber scooters. We’ve designed our own triple structure scooters composed of aluminium supported & bi-injection composite deck with EVA soft foam grip tape, making our teen scooters not only capable of supporting 100kg, but also delivering the most comfortable rides available!!

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