Globber Triumphs Product Safety Test

June 4, 2021

Hong Kong government consumer council (GovHK) released a warning that 14 out of 15 branded scooters
are deemed unsafe in the market, after conducting extensive product tests. The only scooter to pass all safety tests was Globber PRIMO 3-wheel scooter.

Which product was classed No1 & safe for use?

Globber PRIMO scooter was classed No1 for not containing high-levels of PAH (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) set by the German & European Safety standards, which can lead to an increased risk in cancer as well as skin irritation and dermatitis—inflammation of the skin. “As children grip the handles of scooters, they could come into contact with the substance and absorb it…[The council] advised parents to teach their children to wash their hands immediately after riding.” said Professor Michael Hui Kingman, chairman of the council’s community relations.

Which product tests were carried out?

Globber PRIMO 3-wheel scooter also passed all performance tests which included testing all 15 products’ weight support by placing 50kg on both sides of the handlebar. Globber PRIMO 3-wheel scooter passed the test as it remained stationary and with no damage. The council reported that ‘Y-volution Y Glider XL deck was damaged during testing, and there’s a finger trapping issue between the wheel and scooter deck, as the gap is between 5mm-12mm for both Razor A2 kick & Y-volution Y Glider XL*. Razor A2 Kick 3-wheel scooter also failed to comply with the minimum wheel diameter of 120mm*.’

The consumer council also tested the diameter of the handlebar grips to avoid being small enough to fit in a child’s mouth. Razor A2 Kick & Marvel Spiderman 3 failed to comply to these standards, according to the report.

Finally, the council reported that ‘Mini Micro Deluxe 3-wheel scooter sticker easily came off during testing, and as the product is marketed for children below 3 years old, it’s hazardous for swallowing*.’

*Information has been taken from the Consumer Council Hong Kong Report in the September 2017 issue.

Read the full article from Hong Kong government consumer council (GovHK) here.

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