GLOBBER’s New Website is Launched!

March 29, 2021


We are delighted to announce our completely revamped website is now live with our new, colourful branding! We’ve completely transformed our website so you can enjoy a more informed, interactive, fun and seamless browsing experience across desktop, mobile and tablet.


What are the key new features?

  1. Find your scooter quiz

Parents often ask us which scooter is best for their child or even themselves! You can now simply answer 5 questions to find out which scooter is best! It’s fast, fun and accurate!

Check out the game for yourself; Find the best scooter for you

  1. Compare series!

To simplify understanding the differences between certain products, we’ve designed an innovative product comparison feature for you to easily click on products and visually see the differences across SKUs in the same family!

For a more technical comparison, you can also go to our product comparison page and compare up to 3 different products on 14 different features!

Check out the product comparison for yourself; Compare Globber scooters

  1. Quick & user-friendly after-sales service

All our spare part forms are now integrated for fast requests. Sign-up as a member and send us your spare part enquiry; it’s that easy!

Request Globber spare parts

  1. Find a Store to local Globber websites

Our new Find a Store feature will help you to locate retailers in your area.

Find a retail store selling Globber near you

For any enquiries or questions, please contact us: