Refreshed & Refined: 5 New Globber Rides Arrive in 2022

April 28, 2022

Feel the breeze on fresh rides in 2022 and beyond! Upgraded, refined, and redesigned: Globber’s ceaseless innovation has created five stunning new wheeled products, staying true to the promise of revolutionary design.

This year brings brand-new Globber wheels, hot off the press: a baby trike, a balance bike, a 3-wheel scooter, and two unique 2-wheel scooters.

From new additions joining award-winning ranges to a whole new series, discover an all-new line-up to find the best Globber scooter for you and maximise your outdoor adventures!




EXPLORER TRIKE 4IN1 DELUXE PLAY Globber baby tricycle in 4 stages

The EXPLORER TRIKE Series expands its product line with EXPLORER TRIKE 4IN1 DELUXE PLAY baby tricycle, packed with more accessories for both parents and toddlers alike!

Keeping all the key features that made EXPLORER TRIKE an award-winning series—including its all-in-one design that has four modes and transforms the baby tricycle into a balance bike—this baby tricycle goes a step further by having an integrated PLAY light and sound module!

The PLAY module produces six different sounds and three light settings for sensory toddler play, keeping your little one entertained while exploring. EXPLORER TRIKE 4IN1 DELUXE PLAY baby tricycle also has more accessories, such as a bottle holder and an 11L-capacity storage bag found at the back of the baby trike, to keep all your essentials conveniently within reach.


Globber baby trike accessories for EXPLORER TRIKE 4IN1 DELUXE PLAY



Globber’s toddler product range welcomes a brand-new series for the little ones! LEARNING BIKE Series comprises all-in-one baby balance bikes for young toddlers aged 12-36 months. Enhance your toddler’s motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, and balance abilities at a crucial stage of child development, all while having fun and keeping active and entertained with more playtime on wheels!

LEARNING BIKE Series - Globber baby balance bikes

The LEARNING BIKE Series has an all-in-one design that transforms into a ride-on, balance bike, and walking bike, and all are equipped with a patented steering system consisting of four unique riding modes, so you can turn and play your way!

Learning Bike Series baby balance bikes' patented steering system with 4 unique ways to ride


3-Wheel Scooters for Kids: PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS

The award-winning PRIMO FOLDABLE comes with a fresh redesign for an even longer-lasting 3-wheel scooter for kids: Make way for PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS!


3-wheel scooters for kids with light-up wheels

PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS is the latest addition to our award-winning PRIMO kids’ scooters, upgrading to a 4-height adjustable T-bar for riders aged 3-9 years old. Coupled with a new dual-coloured deck design with soft TPR for a comfortable ride, this best Globber scooter is a must-have, especially for kids getting their first 3-wheel scooter!

PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS also retains the PRIMO-famous patented folding system for easy transport and storage as well as the patented steering lock button that fixes the front wheels in a movement to help kids learn balance and how to scoot.

3-wheel scooter for kids with patented folding system and patented steering lock button


Happy light-up trails are also what you’ll get with PRIMO FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS, as this 3-wheel scooter comes with kids’ all-time favourite battery-free LED light-up wheels for loads of light-up scooting fun: The faster you go, the brighter you glow!


3-Wheel Scooter for Kids: MASTER PRIME



Large 3-wheel scooters for kids with wide deck

Refreshed with a more stylish look and an elevated design, MASTER PRIME is an extra-large 3-wheel scooter for kids who want to go MASTER and go big! Enjoy a 3-wheel ride with a wide deck made extremely comfy, Globber’s patented steering lock and folding system, and a sleek design fit for a young MASTER of scooting.

MASTER PRIME comes in five cool, vibrant colours with swirl-designed handlebar grips and is equipped with 125mm front wheels (38mm wide), a bi-injection deck with soft EVA foam, and a 5-height adjustable T-bar with a thicker column (33mm), for a comfortable ride and robust XL scooter that’s perfect for kids and teens aged 4 to 14Y. MASTER the ways of a world on wheels and scoot with friends all day long!

Wide deck and adjustable T-bar on large 3-wheel scooter for kids


2-Wheel Adult Scooters: ONE K PISTON DELUXE


2-wheel scooters for adults and teens

ONE K Series has two new additions to Globber’s adult scooter range: ONE K 180 PISTON DELUXE and ONE K 200 PISTON DELUXE! Both are 2-wheel adult scooters that come with an exclusive patented 1-second piston-assisted folding system that automatically folds the scooter with one kick on the folding mechanism—no bending required!

Piston-assisted folding mechanism on 2-wheel scooter for adults


Add ONE K PISTON DELUXE to your commuting routine, as these 2-wheel scooters are the best urban travel solution for efficiently getting around the city on the daily. Equipped with a robust aluminium deck, 3-height adjustable T-bar, handbrake, and high-quality 180mm and 200mm wheels respectively, these new ONE K PISTON DELUXE scooters are durable, comfortable, and convenient for daily commutes and leisurely rides. It also makes for a great alternative when going green and the most convenient ride for teens and adults in urban living!



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