PRIMO PLUS Ferrari vs PRIMO FANTASY—Which One To Buy?

Both PRIMO PLUS Ferrari & PRIMO FANTASY 3-wheel scooters for kids can be used by your little one from 3+, but let’s find out about their distinctive features to ensure you get the right one for your child!

Choose PRIMO FANTASY for an arty, glow-tastic ride!

PRIMO FANTASY scooters are light-up scooters by default. These scooters’ wheels flash in red, blue and green thanks to our battery-free lighting wheels with dynamo technology. The faster you go, the brighter the wheels flash!

PRIMO FANTASY adjustable scooters for kids come with a 3-height T-bar and our exclusive printed deck design, available in 11 styles. Choose your favourite theme from space, flowers, or racing to name a few!

Why not bundle your PRIMO FANTASY scooter with our matching helmets to really push the ‘cute factor’?

PRIMO FANTASY scooters:3-wheel scooters for kids

Printed helmets: kids helmets; protective gear for kids

Pick PRIMO PLUS FERRARI for all race lovers!

PRIMO PLUS Ferrari 3-wheel scooters are designed to win races no matter how big or small! We’ve partnered with Ferrari S.p.A to exclusively design an official Ferrari scooter; turning your drive into a Formula One track!!

PRIMO PLUS Ferrari scooter is available in 2 colours—red and black with black PU casted wheels and a 4-height adjustable T-bar for 3 to 9+ old children.

Why not also pick up our PRIMO FANTASY racing printed helmet to unleash the driver in your little one?


PRIMO PLUS Ferrari: 3-wheel scooter for kids; Ferrari design

PRIMO FANTASY racing helmet:kids helmets with patterns; protective gear for kids



Did you know??

Both PRIMO FANTASY & PRIMO PLUS Ferrari scooters for kids help your child more easily and quickly learn to scooter thanks to our patented steering lock button. Our steering lock button prevents the front wheels from turning left and right for easy learning and better balance for first timers.