What is Freestyle Scootering?

April 8, 2022

Freestyle scootering is on the cusp of Olympic recognition.

Skateparks are no longer dominated by skateboarders—more and more millennial and gen Z riders are heading over to the ramps with stunt scooters in tow.

As cited by Rolling Stone Magazine: “A study from Statista.com by the Outdoor Foundation backs up this observation: The number of skateboarders in the U.S. alone decreased from 10.1 million to 6.4 million between 2006 and 2016, with an even more dramatic drop among skaters aged 6-17”.

The next generation has certainly claimed freestyle scootering as a millennial sport, becoming incredibly popular among kids, teens, and adults within the skating community. While freestyle scootering is fairly new, scootering athletes have greatly progressed the sport over the past decades. A roster of stunts is continuously cultivated as pro riders innovate and perform new scootering tricks.


Freestyle Scootering: An All-New Competition on the Ramps

Freestyle scootering on Globber

Freestyle scootering, also known as “freestyle scooter riding”, “scootering”, or simply “riding”, is an extreme 2-wheel sport where riders perform freestyle tricks with the use of stunt scooters.

Often referred to as a millennial sport that resembles skateboarding and bicycle motocross (BMX) due to the tricks that riders perform, freestyle scootering houses the next generation of riders that encompasses all age groups from kids to adults.

The past two decades have seen kick scooters evolve as a means of getting around to a competitive sport, complete with a governing body officiated by the International Scooter Association and a community of professional all-age riders that engage in gripping and thrilling freestyle scootering stunts and tricks.

Globber - Madrid Urban Sports 2021

After ScooterCon’s SD1, the first freestyle scootering tournament in 2006 hosted in San Diego, the sport has continued to develop and transform throughout the years— stunt scooters are continuously redesigned, and progressive riders continue to push the boundaries of the sport by inventing new manoeuvres and styles.

Despite a COVID-hit world, associations—with the support of numerous brands—have strived to keep the sport alive.

Freestyle scootering made a comeback through Extreme Barcelona 2021 and Madrid Urban Sports 2021. These events celebrated competitive street sports, which included freestyle scootering, bringing together the world’s best scooter riders, national teams, and rising talents.


Millennial & Gen Z Riders for Freestyle Scootering

Many young and kindred spirits with an unparalleled passion for stunts have been welcomed by the freestyle scootering community over the last couple of years alone. Just to name a couple:

Ivan (@Ivanlifee), a 6-year-old rider from Russia, started riding at the tender age of just four and has been pulling off epic stunts ever since. Supported by his dad and after countless trips to the ramps, his latest triumph is landing his first double tailwhip at the skatepark!

And in the UK, 14-year-old teen—Kyle Henson (@ky13jh)— discovered the sport amidst lockdown and started freestyle scootering during the pandemic, opening him up to the world of stunt scooters and a whole new community!

Kid freestyle scootering on Globber GS 900 DELUXEKyle Henson with GS 900 stunt scooter

Pro riders officially competing in freestyle scootering events can be as young as 7 years old, and most of these athletes are starting to attract brand sponsorships. As millennial and gen Z riders—both pros and enthusiasts alike—keep the momentum going and champion freestyle scootering, many are anticipating the sport to become more internationally recognised by other associations and eventually qualify as an Olympic sport.

Madrid Urban Sports 2021

With Globber providing innovative, revolutionary scooters for all ages, offering equally high-performing scooters to the freestyle scootering community is a step towards our vision of creating stunt scooters to help push the boundaries of the sport and bring new riding experiences to both budding riders and the pros—so that everyone can experience the world on wheels, whether it’s for leisure, commuting, or sport!

Through this vision and zeal for a well-supported scootering community, Globber’s GS Series was born: A collection of complete stunt scooters for aspiring and pro riders of all ages. GS Series encompasses riders of all skill levels, encouraging enthusiastic kids and teens to just go out there and unleash their creativity in stunt-performing!


Globber’s GS Series, Redesigned

Our GS series offers a range of stunt scooters for kids as young as 6 years old up to teens and adults. Each stunt scooter matches the rider’s skill level, from beginner riders starting in the sport; intermediate riders mastering freestyle scootering skills; and advanced riders seeking the best-performing stunt scooters.

As we continually improve our stunt scooter designs and aim to be at the forefront of the freestyle scootering scene, Globber has completely redesigned the GS stunt scooter series. Inspired by avid riders, we’ve launched our second generation of stunt scooters to have fresh, bold designs that cater to the growing popularity of freestyle scootering while simultaneously delivering a robust performance worthy of epic scootering sessions! GS stunt scooters are composed of uncompromising, high-quality components designed to withstand stunts, tricks, and all your popular stunt scooter landings.

Globber Grounds - Madrid Urban Sports 2021


Why Choose Globber GS Series?

Only the most durable and top-quality materials are used to create each GS stunt scooter, making the series globally competitive in the stunt scooter market. Our stunt scooters are easy to maintain and can take the hard wear-and-tear that comes with freestyle scootering.


All stunt scooters are equipped with a T5 or T6 treated aluminium scooter deck. Heat-treated aluminium enhances the natural strength of the material, resulting in maximum durability and a great overall riding experience. Our GS stunt scooters also come with a HIC compression system*, which is lightweight and rust-resistant. It gives a cleaner, smoother appearance as the stunt scooter compression system is “hidden”. A HIC compression system also comes with non-threads and a built-in headset that result in smoother handlebar turns and less noise due to its threadless components.

*except the GS 360

The GS Series’ stunt scooter wheels are also made of polyurethane (PU), which combines the elasticity of rubber wheels and the toughness and durability of metal wheels. These stunt scooter wheels are mounted on 10-spoke aluminium anodized alloy cores and ABEC 7 or 9 CHROME bearings, which are the highest two grades in the ABEC rating system—higher-grade ratings mean the bearings manufactured are more accurate, precise, and have tighter tolerance. These higher-quality bearings contribute to the lightness and flexibility of GS stunt scooters when performing various tricks.

All these high-quality stunt scooter components work seamlessly together to create robust, safe, and stylish stunt scooters. They make a solid and epic scootering ride and are matching the desired high SPEC amongst the best stunt scooters currently in the market, catering to freestyle scootering riders of all ages and skill levels.

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