Feel the breeze on fresh rides in 2022 and beyond! Upgraded, refined, and redesigned: Globber’s ceaseless innovation has created five stunning new wheeled products, staying true to the promise of revolutionary design. This year brings brand-new Globber wheels, hot off the press: a baby trike, a balance bike, a 3-wheel scooter, and two unique 2-wheel

How to choose the perfect stunt scooter

  Table of Contents Stunt Scooter Materials Age & Skill of the Stunt Scooter Rider Stunt Scooter Design GS Series: Redesigned Stunt Scooters for Riders of All Ages   Greatly enjoyed by kids, teens and adults who have a passion for freestyle scootering, stunt scooters have quickly gained popularity among the younger generation. From a niche

Check out the most common reasons why you need to upgrade to Globber’s foldable scooters for kids and teens!   Your kids want to bring their Globber scooters everywhere you go! No matter where you’re going, whether it’s to the park, supermarket, shopping center, across the street to a neighbor or to a friend’s place,


This new range will deliver unique riding experiences for everyday living. Globber, the award-winning scooter brand is launching its first-ever adult scooters: ONE NL Series. There’s a scooter for everyone thanks to the abundance of practical features for every day riding, wide choice of styles and colours, all at an affordable price! ONE NL Series