Has your kid caught the freestyle scootering fever and is now asking for their own stunt scooter? Freestyle scootering is a popular sport among young kids where scooter riders perform various stunts and tricks with stunt scooters, in skateparks or the streets. If your kid is just getting started on their freestyle scootering journey, check

School’s out, and the long summer days are bright ahead! Whether your kid just passed primary or secondary school (with flying colours!), we have the perfect scooter to recommend for your kids’ summer scooting activities. From 2 or 3-wheel kick & stunt scooters to electric scooter rides, add in scooting as a summer activity and get your hands

How to choose the perfect stunt scooter

Greatly enjoyed by kids, teens and adults who have a passion for freestyle scootering, stunt scooters have quickly gained popularity among the younger generation. From a niche group to one of the fastest-growing communities, freestyle scootering is a sport that is taking over skateparks all over the world. If you’re thinking about getting into the world