New FLOW 125 2-wheel Scooter for Teens!

September 14, 2021

Our bestselling scooter for kids moving to their first 2-wheel scooter has had a makeover to offer you even more features, for additional years of product usability!!


Choose FLOW 125 for a first 2-wheel experience!


Our new FLOW 125 is the perfect pick for young kids wanting to transition to their first 2-wheel scooter. We’ve upgraded the handlebar to be super-wide and curved for an even more comfortable ride and easier manoeuvre!

What’s more, it’s now an adjustable scooter with a wider and more robust 33mm 4-height T-bar, as opposed to our narrower 3-height T-bar on our original FLOW 125.

Regarding colours available, NEW FLOW 125 scooters for kids are still available in 5 different designs and can still come with battery-free lighting wheels flashing in green, blue & red, if your teen fancies a GLOW-TASTIC ride!

Globber's FLOW 125 2-wheel scooter comes in 5 different designs and colour (blue, red, green, ruby and black) and can be upgraded with battery-free dynamo lighting wheels flashing in green, blue & red. It is the perfect first 2-wheel scooters for all kids and teens aged 6+.

Discover our FLOW 125: 2-wheel scooters for kids and teens


We’ve kept all the FLOW classics!

Our new FLOW 125 2-wheel scooter still comes with a distinctive feature unique to Globber scooters. We’ve designed our own triple structure scooters composed of aluminium supported & bi-injection composite deck with EVA soft foam grip tape, making our teen scooters not only capable of supporting 100kg, but also delivering the most comfortable rides available! In addition to our FLOW Series, discover our collection of scooters for teens.