EVO COMFORT PLAY Is Voted Toy Of The Year!

A jury consisting of psychologists, physiotherapists, industry journalists, well-known parents and celebrities voted EVO COMFORT PLAY as 2018’s Toy Of The Year in Poland! Specifically designed for younger users and parents’ all-time favourite scooter, EVO COMFORT PLAY is the only 3-wheel scooter with seat to offer ride-on, walking bike and scooter all-in-one and a unique

A Buying Guide To EVO COMFORT Series

EVO COMFORT scooter with seat; all-in-1 product for children 15m to 9+! Why buy 3 different products when you can get a ride-on, walking bike & scooter all-in-one? EVO COMFORT delivers 3 different modes for maximum product usage without compromising on safety, style, and comfort! It comes with an extra-wide seat and a seat support

How to Use EVO, PRIMO & ELITE Scooters for Kids

Have you misplaced or accidentally thrown out your kid’s scooter instruction manual? Fear not, we’ve got you covered! You can now easily download below all our 3-wheel scooters for kids instruction manuals for guidelines on product assembly, safety and maintenance.

EVO COMFORT Is Voted Best Outdoor Product!

EVO COMFORT all-in-one 3-wheel scooter for kids was voted best outdoor product during the Excellence Awards 2018 by My Child, a renowned Australian magazine which aims to help parents by providing parenting tips and product information. More than 22,000 parents voted for their favourite product on My Child’s website and EVO COMFORT was voted No1!

The Story Behind Our Best-Selling KID Scooters!

We are often asked “which scooter is best for my child?” and “I’ve seen this product in a different name, is it the same?”, so we want to explain the story behind our brand names to explain how they’ve evolved over the years and how the name can help you choose your scooter!    

Which EVO Scooter With Seat is Best for You?

No matter which one you decide to go with, they all share an innovative design to easily adapt to your child’s development.

An Accessories Guide For Kids Scooters.

Here is a recap of our top accessories! Whether you need protective gear, light-up scooter wheels