A Buying Guide To EVO COMFORT Series

EVO COMFORT scooter with seat; all-in-1 product for children 15m to 9+!

Why buy 3 different products when you can get a ride-on, walking bike & scooter all-in-one? EVO COMFORT delivers 3 different modes for maximum product usage without compromising on safety, style, and comfort!

It comes with an extra-wide seat and a seat support bar which simultaneously moves the seat upward and backward in 3 different heights, making this product the champion of comfort. This toddler scooter also has a removable footrest to avoid shoes dragging on the ground in ride-on mode. #Bonus!

What’s more, all our EVO COMFORT scooters with seat come with our patented steering lock button which prevents the front wheels from turning left or right for easy learning and a 4-height adjustable T-bar to be used by children up to 9+!

Globber's award-winning scooter, EVO COMFORT, 3-wheel scooter with seat delivers 3 different modes for maximum product usage. EVO COMFORT scooter for toddlers and kids aged from 15m up to 9+ comes with an extra-wide seat and a seat support bar, to deliver the best comfort and safety for your child. Globber's scooter for children also has a removable footrest to avoid shoes touching the ground to avoid your kid dragging his/her feet!EVO COMFORT PLAY; unique developmental scooter to stimulate senses & develop motor skills.

The best toys for children are toys which provide children opportunities to learn and engage their senses. That’s why we’ve gone one step further and designed EVO COMFORT PLAY. It keeps all the essentials of our standard EVO COMFORT and offers an exclusive light & sound module in the seat’s handlebar.

The module not only brings fun and integration, it also stimulates your child’s senses thanks to our integrated light module which flashes in the same colour as your scooter and in-built horn which has 6 different sounds.

It’s USB-powered and has 3 modes;

ON: Sound & LED lights activated

MUTE: Only LED lights activated

OFF: Both sound & LED lights disabled

Globber's EVO COMFORT PLAY toddlers scooter has an exclusive, fun, light and sound module. Our module flashes in the same colour as the child scooter and has 6 in-built horn sounds to stimulate your boys' and girls' senses. The 3-wheel scooters unique module is also rechargeable through USB cable, for prolonged usage and interaction.


In a nutshell, here are your options;


EVO COMFORT: Standard 4-height adjustable scooter, extra-wide seat with 3 heights & footrest.

EVO COMFORT LIGHTS: Standard version + light-up scooter with battery-free LED wheels.

EVO COMFORT PLAY: Standard version + light & sound simulation module for your child.


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EVO COMFORT PLAY: Extra-wide seat for toddlers with light-up scooter horn