An Accessories Guide for Kids Scooters

September 14, 2021
Globber offers a wide range of accessories for 2-wheel scooters, 3-wheel scooters and all riders including kids, teens and adults. Globber's accessories include protective gear (elbow and knee pads), helmets, light-up scooter wheels, scooter bells, headlights, backpacks, scooter friends, and more!

Here is a recap of our top accessories! Whether you need protective gear, light-up scooter wheels, scooter headlight, scooter bells, scooter helmets or kids’ backpacks, we’ve got you covered!

Protective Gear

It’s essential for all scooter riders to wear helmets and protective gear including our extra-padded elbow and knee pads. To find out which helmet size is best for your child, take a tape measure around the circumference and largest part of the head. Our helmets come in a range of colours (blue, green, red, pink, purple, and black scooter helmets), patterns and sizes. What’s unique is our kids’ helmets come with an adjustable ring to further help perfect the fit.


Key helmet SPEC:

ABS shell with 11 air vents cooling system

Easy to adjust the size double-injection ring

EPS resistant structure

7mm foam pads for comfort


Kids’ helmets Sizes

XS-S; 48-53cm

Kids Helmets: Kids helmets; protective gear
Printed Kids Helmets:  Kids helmets with prints; protective gear

Protective gear for kids



Protective gear for kids

Light-up scooter wheels

Fancy keeping your kid entertained for hours with our light-up scooter wheels? The faster they ride, the brighter the wheels flash! You can upgrade your 3-wheel scooters to our light-up scooter wheels for the front & back wheels. The wheels flash in blue, green & red, and are battery-free thanks to our dynamo lighting integrated in the wheels’ core.


121mm & 80mm PU casted wheels (front & back wheels)

ABEC 5 bearings

Light-up scooter wheels: Light-up scooter wheels for 3-wheel scooters

Scooter bells & headlights

Our MINI BUZZER is a scooter bell and scooter headlight all-in-one! It comes with 15 different scooter bell sounds to choose. With the adjustable silicon straps, it’s easy to attach to scooters.

MINI BUZZER scooter bell: Light-up scooter horn

Scooter friends

Have fun accessorizing your kid’s 3-wheel scooter with our scooter friends; Dino or Unicorn! Dino scooter friends are available in green and blue, and Unicorn scooter friends come in pink and purple! Our scooter friends make a cute and fun companion to your little one’s rides and are made from quality, durable material to go the distance on any child’s adventure! They are super easy to fit onto our Globber scooters & popular 3-wheel scooter models.

Accessories for 3-wheel scooters for kids