Which GO•UP Scooter With Seat is Best for Your Toddler?

No matter which one you decide to go with, they all share an innovative design to easily adapt to your child’s development.

All models come with an adjustable T-bar, reinforced structure to support up to 50kg in scooter mode, and high-quality PU casted wheels. You can upgrade any model to our GO•UP LIGHTS series for battery-free LED front wheels which flash in red, green & blue.

So, what are the main differences between GO•UP 4in1, GO•UP 4in1 PLUS and GO•UP COMFORT?

GO•UP COMFORT comes with its own seat support bar, so it’s the only GO•UP model which allows you to not only move the seat up, but also backwards, so your child has even more space for his or her little legs!

GO•UP COMFORT comes with a 4-height adjustable T-bar while GO•UP 4in1 & GO•UP 4in1 PLUS are 3-height adjustable scooters.

GO•UP COMFORT has the widest seat at 14cm wide*, while GO•UP 4in1 & GO•UP 4in1 PLUS curved seat is 9cm wide*.

GO•UP COMFORT & GO•UP 4in1 PLUS come with a removable footrest to place your child’s feet in ride-on mode.

GO•UP 4in1 PLUS & GO•UP 4in1 offer a distinct screw-less design to change from ride-on mode to walking bike to scooter with just a click of a button!

*Width measurement taken from the middle of the seat, edge-to-edge.

GO•UP Series: Award winning, best scooters with seat for toddlers

**GO•UP series was formerly called EVO series