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GO BIKE DUO Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 2+

GO BIKE DUO Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 2+
GO-BIKE-DUO-best-toddler-balance-bike-for-girls-and-boys-aged-2-to-5-with-dual-rear-wheel_mint 0
GO-BIKE-DUO-toddler-balance-bike-with-reversible-frame_lime-green_ 1
GO-BIKE-DUO-adjustable-balance-bike-for-toddlers-and-kids-with-8-height-adjustable-seat-and-2-height-adjustable-handlebars_mint 2
GO-BIKE-DUO-best-toddler-balance-bike-for-girls-and-boys-aged-2-to-5-with-dual-rear-wheel 3
GO-BIKE-DUO-dual-rear-wheel-toddler-balance-bike-aids-balance-and-develops-motor-skills_mint 4
GO-BIKE-DUO-toddler-balance-bike-with-reversible-frame-transform-from-low-frame-position-to-high-frame-position_mint 5
GO-BIKE-DUO-best-toddler-balance-bike-for-girls-and-boys-aged-2-to-5-with-dual-rear-wheel_mint thumbnail 0
GO-BIKE-DUO-toddler-balance-bike-with-reversible-frame_lime-green_ thumbnail 1
GO-BIKE-DUO-adjustable-balance-bike-for-toddlers-and-kids-with-8-height-adjustable-seat-and-2-height-adjustable-handlebars_mint thumbnail 2
GO-BIKE-DUO-best-toddler-balance-bike-for-girls-and-boys-aged-2-to-5-with-dual-rear-wheel thumbnail 3
GO-BIKE-DUO-dual-rear-wheel-toddler-balance-bike-aids-balance-and-develops-motor-skills_mint thumbnail 4
GO-BIKE-DUO-toddler-balance-bike-with-reversible-frame-transform-from-low-frame-position-to-high-frame-position_mint thumbnail 5
GO BIKE DUO Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 2+
  • Toddler balance bike for girls and boys aged 2-5Y comes with a dual rear wheel design (2 x 215mm / 8.5” EVA foam wheels) and a tool-less, removable footrest, aiding your child to learn how to balance and develop key bicycle riding skills. 
  • Well-designed, reversible kids balance bike frame allows you to quickly and easily change the balance bike from a dual rear wheel low frame to a single rear wheel high frame position, as soon as your child has mastered balance, coordination and motor skills, for continued usage as your child develops!  
  • Adjustable kids’ balance bike comes with an 8-height adjustable saddle (4 heights per frame) with soft, comfortable, anti-slip TPR and 2-height adjustable, curved handlebars with comfortable and durable TPR ergonomic grips. Easily carry the GO BIKE DUO with the ergonomic handle integrated in the rear of the saddle.



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Wheels size 215mm
A Dual Rear Wheel Toddler Balance Bike Aids Balance; Develop Motor Skills Fast! Thanks to GO BIKE DUO’s toddler balance bike design, coming with two rear EVA foam wheels, kids can enjoy extra support when it comes to learning how to balance on a kids balance bike! What’s more, the tool-less, removable footrest allows kids to comfortably rest both feet, aiding them further in learning balance and coordination while riding.
An Innovative Kids’ Balance Bike Design. GO BIKE DUO, a toddler balance bike for kids aged 2+, is designed with a reversible balance bike frame, allowing you to transform the frame from a low frame position with a double-width wheel into a high frame position with a single rear wheel, for even more versatility as your child grows and masters balance!
An Adjustable Balance Bike For Toddlers & Kids Beyond The Norm! GO BIKE DUO is one of the best adjustable toddler balance bikes, thanks to its 8-height adjustable seat (4 heights per frame position) and 2-height adjustable handlebars, for maximum comfort and usability for toddlers aged 2-5 years. Your little one will always find the perfect position to enjoy comfy rides for years to come!
A safe & durable balance bike for toddlers! Our GO BIKE DUO kids’ balance bike comes with a robust steel frame, metal handlebars and highly-resistant EVA foam puncture-free wheels, for safe rides every time!

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