GS series

Complete stunt scooters for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.

620 101 3 Trick Scooter For Beginners
GS 360
Gear up and start honing your kicks & tricks
Trick scooter for beginner riders (aged 6+)
622 102 3 Trick Scooters For Kids
GS 540
Shred and elevate your skills in freestyle scootering
Stunt scooter for intermediate riders (aged 8+)
624 005 3 Stunt Scooter For 8 And Above To Adults
GS 720
Master tricks & shred stunts to next-level freestyle scootering
Stunt scooter for intermediate riders (aged 8+)
626 120 2 Best Stunt Scooter For Freestyle Scootering
GS 900
The ultimate stunt scooter
Stunt scooter for advanced riders (aged 8+)
627 100 Pro Trick Scooters
The ultimate stunt scooter—in neo chrome
Neo chrome pro trick scooter for advanced riders (aged 8+)
Stunt Scooters

Shreds. Stunts. Scoots. Your gateway to the world of freestyle.

Get ready to elevate your skills and shred the skatepark in a fierce sport that’s all the rage for any age!

GS Series offers a range of stunt scooters for riders of varying skill levels with uncompromising, high-quality components designed to withstand all your stunts, tricks, kicks, and flips.

Each stunt scooter has a robust T5/T6 treated aluminium deck with a single or triple channel structure, threadless steel fork with a NECO® headset*, and high-quality wheels with pegs*—all so you can stunt non-stop with confidence and strength!

Scooter For Tricks

Robust aluminium stunt scooter deck built for freestyle scootering.

Our GS stunt scooters for kids, teens and adults are made of robust T5 or T6 treated aluminium scooter decks with single or triple channel structures, which make our stunt scooters safe & resilient, and are available in different deck sizes from 105mm to 122mm (4.1” to 4.8”) wide & 480mm to 520mm (18.9” to 20.5”) long. Our stunt scooters also come with robust T5 or T6 treated aluminium forks & rectangle downtubes for maximum durability while freestyle scootering.

Cool Pro Scooters

High-quality stunt scooter wheels & aluminium alloy core to withstand landing impacts!

All GS stunt scooters for kids, teens & adults are equipped with 100mm, 110mm or 120mm 88A PU casted stunt scooter wheels, with aluminium anodized alloy cores, mounted on 680ZZ ABEC 7 or 6082RS ABEC 9 CHROME scooter bearings. These high-quality materials provide durability, immense strength and fast speed (for bigger stunt scooter wheels) while freestyle scootering. GS 540, GS 720 & GS 900/GS 900 DELUXE stunt scooters also come with pegs that can be installed at the front and rear scooter wheels, offering you a whole new range of stunts & tricks!

Globber Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters equipped with aluminium & steel bars for extreme rigidity.

Choose the GS stunt scooter best suited for kids, teens and adults’ sizes & builds. Our GS stunt scooters have 31.8mm to 34.9mm diameter curved steel or aluminium fixed T-bars with varying heights (from 530mm to 620mm) and widths (from 460mm to 570mm) to match the rider’s size and preference.

Globber Freestyle Scooters

Threaded & threadless stunt scooter forks, headsets and aluminium clamps for durable rides.

GS 360 stunt scooter is fitted with a threaded fork & headset best for beginner riders, while GS 540, GS 720 & GS 900/GS 900 DELUXE stunt scooters have threadless forks & headsets, which are commonly used among advanced and pro stunt scooter riders. Our stunt scooter forks are made of sturdy reinforced steel or aluminium, delivering maximum strength and resistance while working on your freestyle scootering tricks.


Stylish stunt scooter designs inspired by avid riders for all to enjoy!

Our GS stunt scooters have undergone a revamp and are now redesigned with a cool, slick look! Shred the streets as well as your local skatepark with our uniquely designed stunt scooters, influenced by avid riders!