Scooters With Seats For Kids (Boys & Girls) - Globber EVO


Watch the film to find out how our EVO product transforms from a pushchair to walking bike & scooter for kids!

Scooters With Seats For Kids (Boys & Girls) - Globber EVO

Scooter With Seat. Adapts To Your Child.

All EVO products are a 3-wheel scooter for toddlers with an adjustable seat to find the most comfortable height for children in pushchair & walking bike mode.

New Steering System. Safe & Quality Ride.

All our EVO products come with our patented steering lock button for the wheels to move only forward and backward; helping children learn balance in scooter mode. Unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer riding.

Robust Design.

EVO decks offer a reinforced structure to support up to 50kg; suitable for toddlers of all sizes. The patterned deck offers even more grip for anti-slipping.