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Globber USA FAQ

Here are our most frequently asked questions to help you quickly get the answers you need!

1. Which scooter should I buy? 
We have our very own Find Your Scooter quiz to determine which scooter is best for you or your little one in just 5 questions. All it takes is 30 seconds to complete. Check it out here:

2. How do I shop for spare parts? 
We sell online the most popular requested spare parts. Check out the link below:

3. What are the differences between certain of your products? 
We've integrated a simple to use product comparison on each product webpage. 

Alternatively, for more technical comparisons, you can access our product comparison section here:

4. Where is my order? 
Recheck your order dispatch confirmation email which confirms the shipping method & tracking details. Please allow the fully scheduled time for your product to arrive. 

5. How do I return / exchange an item? 
The quickest way to request a return or exchange is to send the following information via email:

  • Name, address, phone number
  • Name of item wanting to return 
  • Reason why you are returning the item
  • What you wish to exchange the product for (if applicable) 
  • Proof of purchase or order # (email receipt or photo of receipt accepted) 

For returns / exchanges to the USA:

For returns / exchanges outside of the USA: 

6. How can I become a distributor for Globber? 
For all potential partnerships, please email us at

7. How can we collaborate together?
For all collaborations for USA & Canada, please contact: For the rest of the world, please email us at