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Globber-MASTER-3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-kids-with-extra-wide-anti-slip-deck-for-comfortable-rides_teal 0
Globber-MASTER-premium-3-wheel-scooter-for-kids-aged-4-to-14 1
Globber-MASTER-premium-3-wheel-foldable-scooters-for-kids-with-5-height-adjustable-T-bar_teal 2
Globber-MASTER-convenient-foldable-3-wheel-scooter-for-kids-with-patented-folding-system_teal 3
Globber-MASTER-premium-3-wheel-foldable-scooters-for-kids-aged-4-to-14_teal 4
Globber-MASTER-3-wheel-foldable-scooter-for-kids-with-extra-wide-anti-slip-deck-for-comfortable-rides_teal thumbnail 0
Globber-MASTER-premium-3-wheel-scooter-for-kids-aged-4-to-14 thumbnail 1
Globber-MASTER-premium-3-wheel-foldable-scooters-for-kids-with-5-height-adjustable-T-bar_teal thumbnail 2
Globber-MASTER-convenient-foldable-3-wheel-scooter-for-kids-with-patented-folding-system_teal thumbnail 3
Globber-MASTER-premium-3-wheel-foldable-scooters-for-kids-aged-4-to-14_teal thumbnail 4
  • 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids aged 4 to 14 years with an easy-to-use and safe, patented push button folding system. 
  • Extra-wide scooter deck with a premium, anti-slip EVA foam deck design for added comfort while scooting. Scooter deck supports up to 50kg. 
  • 5-height adjustable scooter with extra-wide, curved handlebars for kids aged 4 to 14, for comfy rides and maximum usage. 

Watch the film to find out more about this 3-wheel XL foldable scooter for kids aged 4+!

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Our XL 3-wheel foldable scooters for kids aged 4 to 14Y.
A scooter deck design that makes a big difference in comfort & style!
A convenient 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids! Fold, carry, and store it effortlessly!
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Watch the film to find out more about our MASTER 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids aged 4 to 14Y! 

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By Thierry VERLEURE on Jul 25, 2020

Bon produit que je recommande pour un enfant de 6 ans. Concernant la livraison par TNT, à revoir car la livraison à domicile n'a pas été faite.. le colis a été déposé dans un point relais alors que...

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