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Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-3-wheel-foldable-light-up-scooter-for-kids-with-extra-wide-anti-slip-deck-for-comfortable-rides_deep-pink 0
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-premium-3-wheel-foldable-light-up-scooter-for-kids-aged-4-to-14_deep-pink 1
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-premium-3-wheel-adjustable-scooter-for-kids-aged-4-to-14 2
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-convenient-foldable-3-wheel-light-up-scooter-for-kids-with-patented-folding-system_deep-pink 3
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-premium-3-wheel-foldable-light-up-scooters-for-kids-with-5-height-adjustable-T-bar_deep-pink 4
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-3-wheel-foldable-light-up-scooter-for-kids-with-extra-wide-anti-slip-deck-for-comfortable-rides_deep-pink thumbnail 0
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-premium-3-wheel-foldable-light-up-scooter-for-kids-aged-4-to-14_deep-pink thumbnail 1
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-premium-3-wheel-adjustable-scooter-for-kids-aged-4-to-14 thumbnail 2
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-convenient-foldable-3-wheel-light-up-scooter-for-kids-with-patented-folding-system_deep-pink thumbnail 3
Globber-MASTER-LIGHTS-premium-3-wheel-foldable-light-up-scooters-for-kids-with-5-height-adjustable-T-bar_deep-pink thumbnail 4
  • MASTER LIGHTS 3-wheel adjustable, foldable scooter for kids aged 4 to 14 years old is an adjustable scooter with a 5-height scooter T-bar with extra-wide, curved handlebars for comfy rides and maximum scooter usage. 
  • MASTER LIGHTS 3-wheel adjustable scooters are equipped with an extra-wide scooter deck, which supports up to 50kg, and premium, anti-slip EVA foam in the middle of the scooter deck for added comfort while scooting. MASTER LIGHTS 3-wheel adjustable scooter has a patented folding system with a safe & easy-to-use push button for convenient storage and easy transport in trolley mode.
  • 3-wheel adjustable scooter with high-quality & high-rebound 125mm (30mm wide) front PU casted light-up scooter wheels that flash in white and are battery-free thanks to dynamo technology integrated in the front wheels’ core. 
Age range 4 to 14Y
Recommended User Height 100cm to 165cm
Max User Weight 50kg
Foldable Yes
Adjustable Yes
T-bar heights 74, 79, 84, 89 & 94cm (from the ground)
Wheels size 80mm rear, 125mm
Wheels material High-rebound PU casted wheels
Deck material High-quality dual-colour composite deck
Deck size (W x L) W 14.3cm x L 58cm
Brakes Dual-colour composite rear brake
Product weight 2.79kg
Our XL 3-wheel adjustable scooters for kids aged 4 to 14Y. MASTER LIGHTS kids’ 3-wheel adjustable scooter delivers more on everything you need—a big, super-wide deck design, which comes with high-quality, soft EVA foam for added comfort; an extra adjustable scooter with a 5-height T-bar, for usage into your kid’s teenage years; and it’s a foldable scooter with a safe, patented folding system, for easy storage!
A scooter deck design that makes a big difference in comfort & style! Our 3-wheel adjustable scooter for kids aged 4 to 14Y comes with an extra-wide, anti-slip scooter deck design with soft, high-end, EVA foam in the middle, to ensure safe and comfortable rides for hours of playtime and scooting!
A convenient 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids! Fold, carry, and store it effortlessly! Thanks to our patented folding system, MASTER LIGHTS’ 3-wheel adjustable scooters for kids aged 4+ are also foldable, and can easily be collapsed by a simple push of a button— simply carry and store the scooter whenever you need!
It’s a light-up scooter for kids! Our MASTER LIGHTS 3-wheel light-up scooter comes with battery-free LED front wheels which flash in white! Thanks to the dynamo lighting integrated in the wheels’ core, no batteries are ever needed; the faster you go, the brighter the scooter wheels’ LED lights appear!

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