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Electric scooters for teens and adults


Easy to accelerate on our electric scooters: Smart accelerator sensor.

ONE K E-MOTION 10, electric scooter for teens, and ONE K E-MOTION 15, electric scooters for young adults, both come with an accelerator sensor integrated at the front of the scooter deck, allowing you to intuitively control your speed to no longer need speed modes! 

Black electric scooter for teens and adults with rear brake Safe electric scooter for teens and adults with a dual braking system

Safe braking, every time: Dual-braking system.

Our electric scooters for teens and electric scooters for adults are all equipped with an E-ABS braking system and mechanical rear brake to easily control your speed and decrease stopping distances, for extra-safe electric scooter rides.


Puncture-free e-scooter rides: High-quality tyres.

ONE K E-MOTION 15 electric scooter for teens & young adults has 100% 8” rubber tyres; ONE K E-MOTION 10 electric scooter for teens comes with a rear 5” rubber rear tyre, for maximum shock absorption and puncture-free rides!

Aluminium and anti-slip electric scooter deck Electric scooter handlebars with soft TPR grips

Built to last: Robust electric scooter.

Our electric scooters all come with an adjustable T-bar, a strong aluminium structure with a premium anti-slip scooter deck design—ONE K E-MOTION 15 electric scooter for young adults is with our high-end, anti-slip & soft TPR grip tape; ONE K E-MOTION 10 electric scooter for teens comes with our EVA soft foam grip tape in the middle of the scooter deck; and durable TPR handlebars’ grips, for every day urban rides. 


Easy to get around: Foldable electric scooter.

ONE K E-MOTION 15 is a foldable electric scooter for young adults to easily carry once you’ve arrived at your destination! Our award-winning ONE K E-MOTION 10 electric scooter for teens is still super easy to scoot even when you forget to charge it up! Both electric scooters also come with a LED light and bell in-pack, for extra safe electric scooter rides!