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NL 230-205 DUO

NL 230-205 DUO
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NL-230-205-large-wheel-scooters-for-kids-and-teens 1
NL-230-205-DUO-big-wheel-scooter-with-aluminium-scooter-deck 2
NL-230-205-DUO-big-wheel-scooters-for-kids-and-teens 3
NL-230-205-DUO-2-wheel-scooter-with-big-wheels-for-kids-and-teens 4
NL-230-205-DUO-folding-big-wheel-scooters-for-kids-and-teens 5
NL-230-205-DUO-foldable-big-wheel-scooters-for-kids-and-teens 6
NL-230-205-DUO-adjustable-big-wheel-scooters-for-kids-and-teens 7
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NL-230-205-DUO-big-wheel-scooter-with-front-suspension 9
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NL 230-205 DUO
  • Big wheel kick scooter for teens aged 14+ features 230mm front and 205mm rear PU casted wheels, mounted on ABEC 7 bearings, and built-in front suspension for maximum comfort and shock absorption on all pavement surfaces while scooting. 
  • NL 230-205 DUO big wheel scooter for kids and teens is a foldable big wheel kick scooter, coming with our patented folding system that transforms the big wheel scooter into self-standing or folded mode for convenience and easy storage. The foldable big wheel scooter for kids is an adjustable scooter with a 3-height, super-wide, curved aluminium T-bar, foldable scooter handlebars with TPR ergonomic grips and an anti-shaking clamp for added comfort and stability.
  • Big wheel kick scooter for kids is designed with a robust aluminium scooter deck with an anti-slip grip tape & a kickstand, supporting up to 100kg, and the metal rear scooter brake delivers brake efficiency, ensuring safe, big wheel scooter rides for your kids.

Age range 8Y to adults
Recommended User Height 155cm to 200cm
Max User Weight 100kg
Foldable Yes
Adjustable Yes
T-bar heights 101.5, 106.5 & 111.5cm (from the ground)
Wheels size 230mm front, 205mm rear
Wheels material High-rebound PU casted wheels
Deck material Aluminium
Deck size (W x L) W 15cm x L 58cm
Brakes Metal rear brake
Product weight 5.13kg
NL 230-205 DUO big wheel scooter for kids and teens is equipped with a front suspension for excellent shock absorption.
NL 230-205 DUO large wheel scooter for kids and teens has a robust aluminium scooter deck.
NL 230-205 DUO is the best big wheel scooter for kids and teens equipped with our patented folding system.
NL 230-205 DUO 2 wheel big scooter for kids and teens adapts to all heights