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LEARNING BIKE - 3-Wheel Balance Bike for Toddlers

LEARNING BIKE - 3-Wheel Balance Bike for Toddlers
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Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3-wheel-balance-bike-with-2-height-adjustable-saddle 1
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3-wheel-balance-bike 3
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-eva-foam-puncture-free-balance-bike-wheels 4
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-dual-coloured-saddle-with-anti-slip-TPR 5
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-direction-locked 6
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-classic-hand-steering 7
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-lean-to-steer 8
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-lean-to-steer-and-classic-hand-steering 9
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Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3-wheel-balance-bike-with-2-height-adjustable-saddle thumbnail 1
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Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-eva-foam-puncture-free-balance-bike-wheels thumbnail 4
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-dual-coloured-saddle-with-anti-slip-TPR thumbnail 5
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-direction-locked thumbnail 6
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-classic-hand-steering thumbnail 7
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-lean-to-steer thumbnail 8
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-lean-to-steer-and-classic-hand-steering thumbnail 9
LEARNING BIKE - 3-Wheel Balance Bike for Toddlers
  • 3-wheel balance bike for toddlers aged 12M+ with a patented steering system consisting of 4 riding modes: direction locked mode fixes the balance bike’s front wheels to only move forward and backward; classic hand steering mode; lean-to-steer mode allows steering by leaning the 3-wheel balance bike towards the preferred direction; and activation of both lean-to-steer and classic hand steering.
  • LEARNING BIKE is an adjustable 3-wheel toddler balance bike for maximum comfort, coming with a 2-height adjustable, dual-coloured balance bike saddle with anti-slip TPR and curved handlebars with comfortable & durable TPR ergonomic grips. Our 3-wheel balance bike for toddlers also has two high-quality 150mm (5.91”) front and rear EVA foam wheels for puncture-free rides.
  • LEARNING BIKE 3-wheel balance bike for toddlers has a rear rotative system integrated into the rear subassembly, which helps smoothly turn the balance bike’s rear wheels according to the front wheels’ movement for safe, intuitive rides.
Product Type Walking Bike
Age range 12m - 36m
Recommended User Height 70cm to 95cm
Max User Weight 20kg
Foldable No
Adjustable Yes
Seat heights 24.2 & 26.2cm (from the ground)
Wheels size 150mm
Wheels material EVA foam
Product weight 2.43kg
LEARNING BIKE is a great 3-wheel balance bike for toddlers to develop their motor skills as young as 12 months old!
A fun yet comfortable 3 wheel balance bike for your little one
EVA foam wheels for durable, puncture-free balance bike rides!
Toddlers can safely explore with our 3-wheel balance bike, thanks to the rear rotative system integrated into the bike's rear subassembly