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LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE - Balance Bike for 1 Year Old

LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE - Balance Bike for 1 Year Old
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-ride-on-mode 0
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-ride-on-mode-adjustable-parent-handle 1
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-learning-bike-mode 2
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-walking-bike-mode 3
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-bottle-holder 5
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-direction-locked 6
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-classic-hand-steering 7
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-lean-to-steer 8
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-lean-to-steer-and-classic-hand-steering 9
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-saddle 10
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-removable-storage-bag 11
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-removable-storage-bag-side 12
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-removable-storage-bag-inside 13
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-ride-on-mode thumbnail 0
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-ride-on-mode-adjustable-parent-handle thumbnail 1
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-learning-bike-mode thumbnail 2
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-walking-bike-mode thumbnail 3
LEARNING-BIKE-3in1-DELUXE thumbnail 4
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-bottle-holder thumbnail 5
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-direction-locked thumbnail 6
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-classic-hand-steering thumbnail 7
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-lean-to-steer thumbnail 8
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-lean-to-steer-and-classic-hand-steering thumbnail 9
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-saddle thumbnail 10
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-removable-storage-bag thumbnail 11
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-removable-storage-bag-side thumbnail 12
Globber-LEARNING-BIKE-3IN1-DELUXE-balance-bike-for-1-year-old-removable-storage-bag-inside thumbnail 13
LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE - Balance Bike for 1 Year Old
  • LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE balance bike for 1 year olds has an all-in-one design that transforms the balance bike into a ride-on, learning bike & walking bike for maximum usage as your baby grows! Our balance bike for 1 year olds is equipped with our patented steering system that has 4 riding modes: direction locked mode fixes the front wheels to only move forward & backward; classic hand steering mode; lean-to-steer mode allows steering by leaning the balance bike towards the preferred direction; and activation of both lean-to-steer & classic hand steering.
  • LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE is an adjustable balance bike for 1 year olds that offers maximum comfort, coming with a 2-height adjustable, dual-coloured balance bike saddle with anti-slip TPR and curved handlebars with TPR ergonomic grips. Our balance bike for 1 year olds is super practical to go out and about with your little one, thanks to the 2-height adjustable parent handle with an integrated bottle holder, a removable storage bag with an 8L capacity and an extra-wide, removable TPR footrest for ride-on mode.
  • LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE balance bike for 1 year olds has a rear rotative system integrated into the rear subassembly to turn the rear wheels according to the front wheels’ movement. Our balance bike for 1 year olds has two high-quality 150mm (5.91”) front & rear EVA foam wheels for puncture-free rides. Two sets of wheels are included in-pack to easily transform the balance bike from learning bike to walking bike mode as your 1 year old child grows.
Product Type Ride-on, Walking Bike, Learning bike
Age range 12m - 36m
Recommended User Height 70cm to 95cm
Max User Weight 20kg
Foldable No
Adjustable Yes
Seat heights 24.2 & 26.2cm (from the ground)
Wheels size 150mm
Wheels material EVA foam
Product weight 3.64kg
LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 DELUXE is a balance bike for 1 year old's that transforms into a ride-on, learning bike and walking bike.
Our balance bike for 12 month old toddlers consists of 4 unique riding modes for different ways to steer & manoeuvre.
LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 is the best balance bike for 1 year old toddlers that's convenient for parents to use while being super comfortable for toddlers
A safe balance bike perfect for toddlers aged 12 months old