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Boys & Girls Tricycle for Kids that Transforms from a Trike to Balance Bike

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Watch the film to find out how our EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 transforms from a baby push along trike to a balance bike for kids!


A baby boy & girl push trike that adapts more than the norm.  

Our baby boys’ and girls’ tricycle with push handle, EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1, can be transformed into 4 different modes: infant trike, guided trike, training trike and balance bike; EXPLORER TRIKE 3in1 toddler tricycle for boys and girls has guided trike, training trike & balance bike stages; and a kid’s trike for boys and girls, EXPLORER TRIKE 2in1, can be converted to a training trike and balance bike! Pick the model that best suits your child’s developmental stage!

EXPLORER-TRIKE-tool-less-trike-design-to-easily-transform-the-product EXPLORER-TRIKE-tool-less-trike-design-to-easily-transform-the-product

A 100% tool-less trike design to easily transform the baby tricycle! 

Our EXPLORER TRIKE series comes with a 100% tool-less design, to conveniently transform the boys’ and girls’ trike into different stages with just push buttons and wheel knobs, making it a super practical baby tricycle and kids’ balance bike solution for parents with toddlers. 


A smart trike & balance bike design with built-in storage!

Thanks to EXPLORER TRIKE’s clever storage, all our balance trikes and bikes are equipped with built-in pedal storage, to easily put the pedals under the kids’ balance bike’s saddle and never lose them when transforming the baby boys’ & girls’ tricycle! 

EXPLORER-TRIKE-safe-trike-for-parents-and-toddlers-with-built-in-free-wheel-system EXPLORER-TRIKE-safe-trike-for-parents-and-toddlers-with-built-in-free-wheel-system

A safe boys’ and girls’ trike for parents and toddlers!

Our built-in front freewheel system with lock/unlock button allows you to remain in control during infant & guided balance trike stages; steer the baby tricycle safely, thanks to our built-in steering system, rear brakes and adjustable parent handle*. Easily pass the steering control to your little one too when the time is right! 

*Available on EXPLORER TRIKE 4in1 & 3in1


A comfy ride and fun playtime for toddlers too!

All EXPLORER TRIKE’s models (4in1, 3in1, 2in1) come with a 2-height adjustable balance bike saddle with soft, anti-slip TPR and curved handlebars with durable TPR ergonomic grips, for comfortable rides in baby tricycle and balance bike mode for boys, girls and kids!