Accessories For Scooters

Accessories For Scooters

Get all your protective gear for kids, teens and adults with Globber! Choose from our range of scooter helmets, scooter bell, scooter headlight, light-up scooter wheels & scooter protectives to personalise your scooter and ride safely! 

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LED wheels

Battery-free LED front wheels.

Spare parts: spring

Kid's spring spare part for EVO & PRIMO series.

Spare parts: t-bar clamp (PRIMO, EVO, ELITE)

Kid's T-bar clamp for 3-wheel scooters & FLOW series.

Spare parts: wheels (standard)

Kid's front wheels spare part for EVO, PRIMO & FLOW series.

Spare parts: ONE NL 125 wheel

125mm wheel spare part for ONE NL 125 scooters.

Spare parts: ONE NL 205 wheel

205mm wheel spare part for ONE NL 205 scooters.

Spare parts: ONE NL 230 wheel

230mm wheel spare part for ONE NL 230 scooters

Spare parts: rear wheel ELITE

Kid's rear wheel for ELITE series. 

Spare parts: wheels (back wheel PRIMO, EVO)

Kid's rear wheel for PRIMO & EVO series.