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Adjustable balance bike for toddlers

GO BIKE best balance bike for 2 year old

Innovative Design: A range of balance bikes for toddlers with a reversible frame.  

Our series of GO BIKE balance bikes for toddlers all come with a 2-stage reversible frame: the low frame position helps further aid your toddler to learn balance, and the high frame position allows for continued usage as you maximise your balance bike! GO BIKE series is now more versatile than ever before and can keep up with your growing toddler as they master balance & coordination at their own pace!

GO BIKE best convertible balance bike for toddlers GO BIKE best balance bike for 3 year olds

Adjustable balance bikes for toddlers.

All our balance bikes for toddlers come with an adjustable balance bike saddle made of soft & comfortable PU and adjustable handlebars, ensuring maximum usage and comfy, safe rides while your toddler keeps on growing! GO BIKE & GO BIKE DUO balance bikes for toddlers are equipped with an 8-height adjustable saddle (4 heights per frame position) and a 2-height adjustable, curved T-bar; GO BIKE AIR balance bike for toddlers offers a 6-height adjustable saddle and a 2-height adjustable, curved T-bar with TPR ergonomic grips! 


Balance bike for toddlers with high-quality wheels for comfortable riding.

Our range of balance bikes for toddlers offer our classic GO BIKE with 8.5” EVA foam puncture-free wheels; an upgraded toddler balance bike with GO BIKE DUO’s double-width rear EVA wheels; and a big balance bike for toddlers with GO BIKE AIR’s 10” (248mm) 100% rubber pneumatic tyres for added shock absorption.

GO BIKE blue balance bike for kids with durable handlebars and steel frame GO BIKE pink balance bike for girls and boys with durable handlebars and frame

Robust toddler balance bike for girls & boys.

GO BIKE, GO BIKE DUO & GO BIKE AIR balance bikes for toddlers are designed with super sturdy handlebars, a steel front fork and a durable steel frame, to ensure years of fun on our toddler balance bikes! 

GO BIKE cool balance bikes for toddlers.

A balance bike for toddlers available in a range of styles and colours.

Our GO BIKE toddler balance bike range offers a rainbow of colours from blue, pink, green, red and black balance bikes for toddlers! What’s more, our GO BIKE DUO & GO BIKE AIR balance bikes for toddlers come in a range of cute pastel shades, and GO BIKE AIR brings a touch of pattern to the toddler balance bike frame with a racer, flame and flowery design!