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Big wheel scooter for kids aged 8+

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Watch the video to find out more about our NL 205 big wheel scooter for kids aged 8+.


Big 205mm scooter wheels & built-in front suspension for speedy, comfy rides.

Our big wheel scooters for kids are designed with high-quality & high-rebound 205mm PU casted wheels, for safe, speedy scooting, and the built-in front suspension ensures maximum shock absorption for a smooth, comfortable riding experience.  

Globber-NL-foldable-big-wheel-scooter-for-kids Globber-NL-big-wheel-scooter-for-kids-with-foldable-handlebars

Big wheel scooters, little storage space required!

Easily store our NL big wheel scooter for kids, thanks to our foldable handlebars, which allow for compact storage, and secure patented folding system that quickly & easily puts the big wheel scooter for kids into folded mode. Self-standing mode is also available for parking the big wheel scooter. 


Adjustable big wheel scooter suitable for kids of different heights & builds!

Our big wheel scooters for kids are adjustable scooters that have a 3-height wide, curved aluminium T-bar with TPR ergonomic grips for comfortable rides. Easily adjust the big wheel scooter to match your kid’s size!

Globber-NL-big-wheel-scooter-with-robust-aluminium-scooter-deck Globber-NL-big-wheel-scooter-for-kids-with-metal-rear-brake

Safe, durable big wheel scooter with a robust aluminium scooter deck & metal rear brake.

NL big wheel scooters for kids are all equipped with a robust aluminium deck with anti-slip grip tape (vintage-patterned grips for NL 205 DELUXE), which support up to 100kg, for durability, and the extra-long metal rear brake delivers brake efficiency and safe scooter rides. 


Safe scooter design with trendy colours and vintage finish for big kids!

Choose an NL big wheel scooter in your favourite colour! NL 205 big wheel scooters for kids come in a variety of fun, classic shades such as black-red/grey, teal, white-pink and pastel blue, while our NL 205 DELUXE big wheel scooters are designed with a trendy vintage look—cool, neutral tones of vintage blue, dark red, black & silver, floral-patterned decks for mint and pastel pink scooters, vintage-coloured handlebars, and a handlebar brake for extra-safe scooter rides!